Thermodynamics LawsThermodynamics Laws

Mode Shifting Ultimate Fate Of Our Universe

One of the very first insights comes from the term ‘universe’. Many will immediately say it refers to ‘all that is’. Yes, but, and what that means is subject to the particular Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) employed in your conversation or contemplation. New readers here will undoubtedly be unfamiliar with Elegant Reasonism or its insights. We strongly encourage you to stop, go poke around here until you understand these factors conversationally and then come back to this article. If you do not do that and persist beyond this point you will not understand the context in which this material is presented. You will possess no conversational basis for interpretation.


Looking then at the featured image above about the laws of thermodynamics we naturally are curious how those mode shift. When we did that for Newton’s Laws (represented within EIM M0) we simply asked “why are these laws true?” The real question here is why are they true in fully compliant context of the unified Universe. We remind newbies that Concept Sieve EMCS03 represents thermodynamics and all those concepts and their equations must effectively mode shift EIM to EIM in full compliance with Elegant Reasonism and the unified Universe in order to represent that ultimate truth which is always held litmus.

As we naviate the Process Decision Chekpoint Flowchart toward a fully compliant treatise aligned with the unified Universe we must immediately recognize several concepts and why they were required by the utility process and technological framework supporting the ultimate epistemology that is Elegant Reasonism. These basic factors had to be mode shifted during our original systems review.


Newbies here will need to be able to distinguish the process from any given EIM employed by it (including M5 and M6) from actual reality represented by the unified Universe lest you fall prey to committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) or some other egregious boo boo. Once you have reviewed the available information you can move into thinking about operationalizing your investigation. When Questing Unification we must constantly be vigilant every step of the way. Constantly be wary because LEEs are sometimes very insidious. Unification (e.g. unified reality) requires us to be able to place all real objects in reference frames which can employ a common geometric basis point and fully couple all forces within that same frame. That original systems review demanded we reorient reference frames relative to and respective of the dynamic architectures of mass they contained consistent with Propositions, notably Proposition 0025 which states our focus must shift away from the medium and onto what is in it. Important here is to remember that some requirements are delivered by the utility process. Others are delivered by the unified Universe. Sill others emerge as a result of the EIM being employed or developed and this was certainly the case with The Emergence Model holistically represented by the integration of M5 and M6. Six Sigma black belts will be keenly interested in acquiring conversational skills needed to discern these different foundations exactly because they directly affect their communications effectiveness.

Having made those points The Emergence Model reconciled more than several issues through the development of the Event Frame and the Local Frame. What tends to drive investigators nuts, it did us anyway, is the fact that these reference frames may be nested within one another and that is relevant to discussions about thermodynamics as we will see. Event Frames describe interactions between real objects predominantly in one of seven phase steps enumerated: EFPS1, EFFPS2, EFPS3, EFPS4, EFPS5, EFPS6, and EFPS7. Local Frames are architectural masses isolated from any external interaction because they are isolated by space as defined by The Emergence ModelLocal Frames can not be measured because that would violate frame designation rules. Local Frames can only be measured from within themselves, there may be no external references. Local Frames may be deduced however exactly because EFPS1 cascading to Severance may emit into EFFPS2 a real object which exists only in a Local Frame.

Why is all this necessary in a discussion about thermodynamics and the ultimate fate of the unified Universe? The answer to that may be distilled into the single word: action. When we look at actions and its principles within Concept Sieve EMCS01 there are many phenomena which are made manifest through the relative and respective architectures of mass interacting per unit area as given by Concept 0091 the Entanglement Function Density Per Unit Area. Mode shifting that concept across Event Frame Phase Steps is for all intents and purposes the subject of Thermodynamics within The Emergence Model and it is for that reason these issues are relevant here.

Reference frames are not the only aspect needing to be mode shifted by the process. Mass itself must be subjected to intense scrutiny. The Emergence Model has a different derivation than do other EIMs. The cogent description of M5, which had to be reverse engineered from the original systems review, characterizes a Most Basic Particle (MBP) as the most fundamental particle possible. It is that particle’s intrinsic nature which makes manifest the two key processes configuring everything real and the first is limited by the second. We therefore are presented with The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance configuring everything real across the entire entanglement gradient in both emergent and convergent vectors. Exactly because Severance is a limiting factor for all configurations of architectural mass essentially means that everything real, including supermassive black holes, are subject to conditions of Severance. Albeit with highly specialized circumstances and exceedingly high associated vectors. Be that as it may there are then conditions which may be set up for discussion about any given architectural mass which results in that real object being subject to Severance such that architectural mass may be considered Frangible. That is to say it will break back down to its most basic elements (or some permutations of them) consistent with that particular Event Frame.

Bang To Bang

UDFj-39546284 Reference:
UDFj-39546284 Fastest-receding-galaxy found (as of this writing)

If we survey supermassive black holes and galaxies UDFj-39546284 will likely be on that list. By some calculations it has an unconfirmed (e.g. empirically substantiated), and record breaking z-factor of 11.9. Hawking Radiation from any such black hole will result in configurations of architectural mass ‘leaking’ from that object. Those constructs will have associated vectors.

Part of the issue then needing to be fully reconciled in context of thermodynamic laws are the various Event and Local Frames under Bang to Bang conditions where objects have become frangible due to the circumstances of the Event under examination. A single state 2 MBP in a Local Frame has no ability to radiate its energy. It must enter an Event Frame in order to shed some of that energy to other configurations.

UDFj-39546284 represents a large scale construct with a high z-factor. However, we must recognize that the term z-factor is associated with the construct of spacetime as employed under M1, M2, and M3 we must mode shift it into alignment with M5 or M6. Exactly because The Emergence Model does not employ the spacetime construct the z-factor reconciles and otherwise vindicates Edwin P Hubble whose body of work presented spectral red and blue shifted objects to be traveling faster than the speed of light by that factor. Such consideration under those EIMs would be considered scientific heresy. Under The Emergence Model the variable ‘c’ traditionally viewed for one thing under traditional models mode shifts to Severance under M5. The phenomena of constancy then becomes a local phenomena and cosmological measurements reconcile those issues because traditional constructs are not employed by The Emergence Model, consequently limitations previously held vanish.

Part of the point here has to do with the frangibility of the original real objects in ‘our’ Big Bang which is discussed in the Bang to Bang page here. Inertia and momentum was thermodynamically transferred across that mirth, a portion of which, formed Laniakea Supercluster of galaxies.

Several points emerge from this general discussion. One is that both Elegant Reasonism and The Emergence Model remained intact throughout the discussion, and survived our original systems review. But we concede that it still must be subjected to yours. Go for it. We believe it will survive that as well. Everything you need to start is right here and the only thing preventing it is your subsequent decision to act. There we leave to observations and insights from Ludwig von Mises and Susanne K Langer to determine how peer reviews are conducted. Another facet to that particular line of thought now is What Exactly Constitutes ‘An Expert’ Now? We need to know that in order to understand who constitutes a ‘peer’, right? Personally we think just about anyone can understand all this if they put their mind to it. That’s one reason we mode shifted Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit.

Mode Shifting Thermodynamics – Summary

Under The Emergence Model all of the laws espoused by the featured image at the top of this page are preserved. They are preserved even across the Bang to Bang page and its implications. They are consistent across electric circuits and why those work. They survived the original systems review. As we were questing unification our experience was that everything dovetailed, including thermodynamics. Not just because of some mental inspiration, but because everything had to be integrated in order to accomplish unification including philosophy and science. It just turns out that thermodynamics came along for the ride.

Bang To Bang Implications

NGC 6537
NGC 6537 – A Mini-Bang?

When we look holistically at the unified Universe tapestry presented by The Emergence Model what we see is that our little part of the universe is for all practical purposes spawning itself by sending out supermassive black holes along with their associated galaxies which will ultimately enter the same type of circumstances that created our little niche and the whole process will start over not just there but everywhere else those circumstances transpire. There is no knowing how large “The” actual unified Universe really is because those answers lay beyond our particle horizon. The implication from what we can witness however is that things seem to be percolating right along and popping everywhere and in every direction. So much so as we even see mini-bangs all over the place.

We have been, for some time now (well over a decade), calling for a comprehensive systems review to take all of this into account and mode shift what it is we think we all know into alignment with the unified Universe. We are not going to belabor how hard this fight has been to articulate all of this, but simply point out that we continue the fight. Because this arrow, more than most, has considerable wood behind it. The fact that the cogent description of M5 redefines time as an action displacement index fully reconciles why the arrow of time measured since antiquity is always positive. Much to the disappointment of many Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Stargate fans, we are sorry to report that spacetime travel does not exist under this EIM.

Are we absolutely positive? No, but we have conducted considerable effort behind all this and we find all of this simple to the point of elegant and that every single test we have thrown at it survived makes all this, in a word: compelling.

Strategic Sustainability

Our little company focuses on one thing: strategic sustainability. The ability to endure over the long term. Stare at the image of NGC 5537 and noodle on that for a minute. Know that the event horizon of any black hole will evicerate any real object exactly because Concept 0091: Entanglement Function Density Per Unit Area exceeds Severance for all real objects in every Event Frame. This simple observation and insight demonstrates that there is no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light. If you want to survive one needs to stay in the light and avoid forces of darkness. It’s harder than you might think. Samething for heat. There is no such thing as cold, only the absence of heat (e.g. action). Hence the discussion on thermodynamics. Science Fiction writers do not despare. All of this may have killed some beloved ideas but in doing so we have also brought many new thoughts to the party. Our planet very likely >is< our starship and while that might give the tree hugger community solace it also sets up another scenario. Enter Proxima B into the discussion, most especially Scholz’s star. Just presume for a minute that star harbored sentient life when it passed us. Presume they took that opportunity to send out scouts and explorers on one-way missions or perhaps even with aspirations for colonization. That scenario is a great deal more likely than star ships folding spacetime. Telling will be the degree to which government agencies finally admit that they are the source of technologies the US Navy has been engaging or if they truly are not indigenous, in which case our bet would be that they were sourced from Scholz’s star (See Proxima B article). Especially since that latter concept is only logically correct within an EIM that can not close to unification. Interesting here is by not allowing ourselves to be Blinded by Past Successes allows us to perceive and engage the path forward and gain the precipice of the unified Universe.


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