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Elegant Reasonsim heralds in an era of a plurality of interpretative contexts (see Elegant Reasonism Rules) and the one thing automated bots do is expect context not to change. Surprise… If you gather information from the network with that expectation then you are going to screw yourself exactly because context must be mode shifted EIM to EIM. Your bots very likely have no clue how to accomplish that. There are many reasons context changes and it definitely affects effectiveness associated with communications (See: In Unification’s Wake, Part 03: Communications). These same general factors are why developed insights must be communicated with cognizance of the utility process and framework in which they were developed; otherwise they will have no basis to exist. What is somewhat both humorous and ironic is that as various bots become critically situationally aware in the thinking behind all this those programmers will adapt how they approch these kinds of issues both offensively and defensively. The ironic humor to us in this is that the software then essentially begins to conduct its own form of NNRP.

Barney Fife
Barney Fife Character

In the interim, those hackers performing simple scraping techniques to our content should know that absent cognizant execution of the utility process employing the technological framework you are not only going to mislead whomever you are doing this for, but you are going to significantly confuse yourself. You may want to check to make sure Barney Fife isn’t running one of your keyboards. Right now, right here today bots, AI, and other systems are not trained to populate ISO 9001 Unification Tools or their equivalent in order to enable Translation Matrices for subsequent analytical discipline or rigor in order to effectively navigate the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart. Presumably at some point in the future these issues will be reconciled. However, as a civilization we are very far away from that capability. So fair warning to all you content scrapers out there, you have been given fair warning. If you are not careful you will create the largest pile you’ve ever stepped in. What you may find is that you’ve created Bender rather than what you intended to create.

Those legitimately working to integrate these concepts into their business will need to contact us to make sure they are properly licensed.

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