What Is This All About?

Those new to this site (newbies) inevitably want to know what this is all about. Someone may have told them to check out the article posts here, and others may have already started encouraging others to register so that they can immediately have access to greater insights when the links in those articles actually resolve to interior pages.  Since it’s free to do so, there is nothing to lose.

If you are coming here expecting to find discussions instantiating status quo thinking, you may as well leave now. The status quo is mired and otherwise ensnared inside a logic trap of epic proportions. Part of what this web site is all about is describing that trap. The manacles binding its constituents. We present in vast detail historical thinking, using the original author’s own words and how we mode shift that thinking into alignment with the unified Universe. We present biographies from the ancient past to modern contemporaries.


Churchill on Truth
Winston Churchill on truth

What this is all about can be distilled into a single word: unification. Just jumping in on this topic serves no purpose because there is no basis for communications, and that must be the first order of business. We must give you that foundational basis so that you can begin to comprehend what it is that has been missing until this time. Not missing really just misinterpreted. The most Ardent scientists are vested in their perceptions which in knowledge management circles might be referred to as a detail set. Professional training for the status quo is steeped in the Epistemology of Empiricism. To these people what we will say is 100% of you will agree that the status quo predominant thinking about the nature of the Universe is logically correct, and in that same breath we just gave you a strategic clue as why that thinking will never accomplish unification.

Almost no one understands what unification really means, and so we are building out this website to help with exactly that problem. Some think it is all about physics, and they cite this or that concept from the bowels of their relative and respective detail set. Often they think they are going to trip us up on some nuance of detail when in fact they are so lost in the forest, they can not see that forest for all the trees in the way. Some may cite Carl Sagan from his book the Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. Others employ Dunning-Kruger suggesting that we are simply falling prey to our own ignorance. What we can say to all of these people is that you very likely missed the same set of information I did when I was in those hallowed halls of institutionalized thinking. I studied Aerospace Engineering and so was never introduced to Art Appreciation. If I had been I probably would have been told something about one Susanne K Langer who in 1948 observed a fact everyone since ignored. What she wrote about was that human physiology is wired to instantly provide the human brain abstractions in order for us all to relate to the world around us. That if anyone mistakes those abstractions for actual reality, it constitutes a fatal error in epistemology. That in a nut shell is the essential definition of what we now call Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). As far as I know, I was the first to use that term. The metaphorical coin on one side represents LEEs and on the other Information Sciences concepts of logical views of physical systems, which in modern times is professionally instantiated by Systems Engineering. This doesn’t begin to hit home until you assimilate these concept areas and then re-read the last sentence in the preceding paragraph.

Understanding unification requires historical comprehension of Philosophical source of Science in order to avoid at all costs LEEs Empiricism Trap. The core constructs of any given encapsulated interpretive model must have unification as a predicate priority consideration. My original systems review undertook that mission in 2004 which ultimately culminated with gaining Patent Pending 16405134 status May 7th, 2019. Unification is a great deal larger than any single discipline of Science. Those who are intimately familiar with the traditional detail set associated with astrophysics, empiricism, quantum mechanics, etc, and look at others and dust off their hands as if to say you don’t know enough to understand you are wrong – are about to have their credentials handed back to them exactly because the Elegant Reasonism framework will mode shift the fundamental foundations on which their entire ability to perceive reality right out from under their proverbial feet. There is nothing they can do to stop that from occurring. Their only chance is to embrace Elegant Reasonism and wield it themselves.

Deeper Implications of Unification

Theoretical astrophysicists will be excited to know that The Emergence Model explains our Universe Bang to Bang, but in doing so are now faced with new realities, and they are philosophical in nature. You see, once you can describe the physical realm, you must also explain how humanity emerges, and that requires seamless integration of concepts such that they are intrinsically systemic. M5 does that. But the point does not stop there as physiology must yield philosophy, and philosophy and science must also once again be united (e.g. unified). Elegant Reasonism requires a plurality of encapsulated interpretive models be employed within the framework, one of which must close to unification as a philosophical predicate priority, and in fulfilling that requirement The Emergence Model is also included in the Elegant Reasonism patent application for that purpose.

M5 holds everything real as a system or system of systems. 

Truth as a Function of the unified Universe

Elegant Reasonism as a framework philosophically supporting a new Epistemology whose fundamental tenant requires truth as a function of the unified Universe brings unheralded clarity to Science. While the traditional epistemologies are integrated and leveraged within Elegant Reasonism’s processes of Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis, they are also recognized as necessary but insufficient to perceive and engage unified reality exactly due to their historical dependence on human physiology because of the predilection of committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs).

Communicating Elegant Reasonism

The issues and challenges surrounding any ability to communicate Elegant Reasonism have been noted since ancient times and are not new by any measure. Plato presented similar issues in his allegory of The Cave presented in book seven of The Republic.


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The issue underpinning all effective communications is maintaining context, and therein lay the strategic challenge. It is one that also underpins Plato’s Cave allegory. The issues are the same. What Elegant Reasonism brings is a standards based framework that leverages penetrating insights from the information sciences, especially knowledge management, along with some new tools and technologies like Translation Matrices and our ISO 9001 Unification Tool.

Beyond Perception’s Threshold

Predominant status quo thinking is something Elegant Reasonism typically encapsulates into the interpretive model M1, sometimes M2, depending on how mass is employed discussed herein by Concept 0297. Noting that what Einstein created with his model is in fact logically correct, we must step back from that recognition with keen situational awareness in the fullness of implications given us by modern Information Sciences and the Elegant Reasonism framework supporting that Epistemology. The patent application states that its purpose is to “perceive and engage” the unified Universe. Status quo thinking can not perceive the unified Universe. If it could, it would have done so a very long time ago. It didn’t, and so we will leave that point as self-evident. However, therein lay a strategic problem for communications. How do you communicate something someone else can not perceive? Moreover, they believe themselves in a philosophical realm capable of directly perceiving nature. They are in essence oblivious to the implications associated with LEEs.

There is an old allegory of a person seeking a penny in the corner of a round room. They will search for that penny forever, and they will never find it because round rooms have no corners.  Carl Sagan, in his epic video series Cosmos,  presented a similar discussion about mythical two dimensional creatures living in a place called “flat land” who were visited by a three dimensional apple. While similar in essential meaning, these examples relate here because there are aspects of the needed conversation which require common communication basis acquisition. All parties in any communication must fully comprehend or communications does not occur. In the essence of that failure, someone speaks or writes, and though they see the other party, they do not understand and so communications break down. We can penetrate status quo belligerence by asking some cogent questions.

Q: Can the body of your knowledge and experience accomplish unification? No? Do you understand why that is true? Because if you do not, I do, and it is explained herein. You need only register to be provided that answer.

Status quo thinking ties out to the context made manifest by the encapsulated interpretive model instantiating it. If that model can not perceive unification, then neither will the individual using it as their basis for understanding nature. There is no amount of effort, money or resources that will ever change that situation. The implication then is that there are efforts currently underway consuming billions in capital and thousands in terms of human resources which are essentially in a round room looking for something in the corner. They will never find it exactly because the fundamental model instantiating their belief system precludes it.


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The Fallacy

The fallacy instantiating illusion of the status quo lay with the allegorical coin discussed above. Expecting to find the allegorical penny when the room has been inappropriately defined is irrational. Failure to recognize the constructs influence is a clue that one is dealing with LEEs. Ask yourself if you can employ a common geometric basis point to describe all real objects in a given reference frame. The status quo can not accomplish that exactly because no real object can traverse the spacetime-mass interface without first conversion to energy. Yet they constantly tout their successes. Their successes are in fact directly due to the logical correctness of their thinking, but that has nothing to do with anything else other than the logical correctness of the encapsulated interpretive model instantiating that context. Therein lies the fallacy.

The Key

Re-read the paragraph above that illuminates what Elegant Reasonism brings to these discussions. Register and then come back and read this article again because now all of the links it contains will resolve to other pages deeper in the system here including our resource library. Why would we want to explain our patent pending 16405134 IP to everyone on Earth? Simple. Our business is about helping others add value from the insights enabled and empowered by what it is we have done. Everyone on Earth is covered by our General Use License if all they want to do is comprehend. The more people that know how to wield the IP asset we brought to the world, the better we like it. We want to help you add value to whatever it is you do. There are no aspects of human endeavor not touched by what it is we have accomplished.


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The future is bright and Elegant Reasonism illuminates the way forward finding truth in the unified Universe.


By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: