Value Derivation

Elegant Reasonism Changes The Nature of Value Derivation

The philosophy of value derivation is called Axiology and herein we are working to present a mode shifted view of traditional discussions in order to articulate looming competitive dynamics. The question on the table concerns whether the value you are perceiving has fallen prey to LEEs Empiricism Trap or whether it is fully compliant with the unified Universe. Circa 2022 and earlier it is likely a safe bet that value is firmly ensnared in Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs).

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Perceiving and Engaging

When we discussed models we pointed out that they manifest fundamental context. Status quo thinking does not just not accomplish unification, it can not perceive the means to do so and by that I mean within the philosophical constraints made manifest by the fundamental context established by those models so employed. Not until one recognizes the implications from the philosophical nature of logical correctness can you begin to appreciate Elegant Reasonism. There is a very deep and subtle, yet extremely powerful insight that develops from these insights. Manifesting fundamental context absent Langer Epistemology Errors is a powerful capability never previously wielded on Earth. 

Here is a rhetorical question: When in this video Richard Feynman says that the situation he presents can not be solved by science, what does he mean exactly? Then when you think you have an idea of what he means, ask yourself exactly what kind of framework would be required in order to determine a satisfactory answer to this question of which is better A or B. Which is better is a subjective consideration so long as the fundamental context for that consideration remains constant.



Now comes the really hard rhetorical question which is better if A has one fundamental context and B has a completely different fundamental context? What if A did not accomplish unification but B does? Is that reason enough to consider B? We think so. Elegant Reasonism seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. If we substitute M1 for A and M5 for B then this is exactly the circumstance we have today.  The distinction between the two in context of Elegant Reasonism is not science, per se, rather it is philosophy. I say per se because science is a branch of philosophy.  Astute observers will notice that we stopped saying that all this “unifies physics” because accomplishing unification is a tapestry a great deal larger than a single discipline of science. Elegant Reasonism represents a powerful analytical framework but it also represents an epistemology that seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. The Emergence Model, produced by Elegant Reasonism is the first model fully compliant with unification

One can not, from within the constraints of M1, describe M5, nor vice versa (excepting M4). What must happen is that you must philosophically pull yourself outside of either of these models and juxtapose them against some set of paradigms of interest. Our original systems review employed the set of physical properties and what we call EMS01

The fundamental point is that all these things must transpire prior to any ability to perceive the unified Universe, much less engage it.

Systemic Elegance Driving Value

Preparing for Epiphany after Epiphany is to seek the inspiration in the moment of Ah Ha! It is the ineffable quality of vision driving the arrow through to insights never fathomed. Consulting engagements so focused on a systems review of your enterprise in the context of Elegant Reasonism with the objective of helping you to mode shift your current value premise into alignment with the unified Universe. Accomplishing unification is about a much larger tapestry than a single discipline of science. It is understanding the context of thinking and possessing the situational awareness enough to know whether or not it is congruous with the actual real unified Universe. Make no mistake about it, the Universe is unified whether or not you think or believe it. Fundamental foundational constructs of encapsulated interpretive models are systemic to the extreme. They are interwoven into the fabric of reality. 

When we finally comprehend what Elegant Reasonism delivers we can demonstrate the highly systemic nature of core constructs on everything else dependent upon them. When we mode shift value chains in business to see how it affects our businesses we inevitably come away with insights never before considered. Our business strategies shift. Our investments take on new focus. Allocations shift to new endeavors that will yield more positive results. 


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