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Open Letter to Defenders of Science

We wrote two articles recently targeting stalwart defenders of science. Strange as it may sound, we’re right there with you. There are people who believe humanity is working directly with nature. That the laboratory and experimentation are producing empirical evidence vindicated through peer review and unprecedented scrutiny. Generally, they believe that long ago when humans began contemplating nature that philosophy was borne and later as tools and instruments were created the anciently heralded philosophy of nature was transmuted into science. Many contend that today these two endeavors are separate entities, and in so much as the manner in which they define them, they’re correct.

Plato’s Cave

The first of the above linked articles presents Plato’s Cave for several reasons. First, it patently points out that communicating something that is difficult for others to comprehend at first is an ancient problem that is not new by any measure or standard. Next, the status quo is often going to reject ideas counter to the predominant belief system sometimes to the point of violence. Then we ultimately find that the persevering are rewarded with insights never before fathomed. Ultimately that is Richard Feynman’s point in the video of him teaching from 1950 discussing knowing vs understanding.

Occam’s Razor

Skipping the predicated arguments determining motivation, we are ultimately forced to realize something in the hindsight of having unified physics. Once done you must then also unify everything else within the same scope of discussion or domain of discourse, if you will, and if you can not also do that in the same breath, then you really didn’t unify physics in the first place. The problem with this little revelation is philosophy is a function of the sentient brain contemplating Ontology and Axiology in the aftermath of employing science to describe the actual real unified Universe Bang to Bang. Because at the end of the day, we must go back into Plato’s Cave and tell our friends what we have accomplished. They are not going to understand at first, and they are going to reject your words.

It is not as simple a matter as recognizing Langer Epistemology Errors. It is not as simple a manner as understanding how empiricism can lead to committing them. Nor is it as simple a matter as elaborating on the now patent pending 16405134 framework, which ultimately produced a Treatise based on truth as a function of the unified Universe. If those refusing to listen as they hear will also fail to see as they look, and in the end will not comprehend the logic trap that is M1. The precipice from within that context will never perceive nor engage unification exactly because it can not fathom the failures its success has brought on. Those stalwart defenders of science are in a dead end alley.

Remaining Status Quo

The status quo thinker has been seduced by the success of empirical science. They do not recognize the implications of Langer Epistemology Errors nor implications illuminated by philosophical understanding of employing abstractions both naturally and anthropogenically as it relates to science. Here is the succinct point, caution, and warning to all status quo thinkers. All models employing the spacetime-mass interface are logically correct models. Those individuals who engage this opportunity to learn Elegant Reasonism to comprehension such that they can effectively wield it, can at their will, discretion, and mercy completely and utterly mode shift your insights right out from under you, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. The confidence you hold is a function of M1’s context and not the actual real unified Universe. That’s right, your empirical proofs are established as a function of context made manifest by common understanding of the fundamental foundational constructs of M1. I’ve said this many times, and I’m saying it again here now. Logically correct experiments, conducted in a logically  correct manner, based on the logically correct proof or proofs, all immersed in the same logically encapsulated interpretive model, will absolutely produce logically correct results, AND that has absolutely nothing necessarily to do with anything other than the logical correctness those activities comply with. The only thing it proves is that the unified Universe is capable of supporting those premises of logical correctness. It does not mean that they describe them with infinite precision. We might use Feynman’s example of Newton’s gravity in his video compare to the relativistic view which allows us to calculate the orbit of mercury with greater precision.  The framework now patent pending 16405134 called Elegant Reasonism has produced The Emergence Model which is the first model which closes to unification. There is a great deal of work to do in almost every respect. Something else Feynman alludes in that same video from 1950.

Exiting The Trap

The first step to exiting any trap is situational awareness that you are in fact ensnared, and if your mind is firmly entrenched in Langer Epistemology Errors, that is something you likely do not, perhaps can not, perceive. Secondly,  implications of describing all that is Bang to Bang necessarily requires and demands an ability to contemplate philosophy and science in a unified manner because one manifests the other, and in the end they are synergistic and symbiotic. The framework for truth must then be a function of that same unified Universe or your efforts have been for naught.

The greatest challenge to comprehending what it is we have accomplished is between your ears not ours. It is your own preconceived notions about how everything fits together and the relationships they hold with everything else. Watch Feynman’s video over and over and over again until you begin to comprehend what simultaneous truth implies. Then if you have two simultaneous truths A and B, but the former does not close to unification and the latter does, which are you going to choose?

The Precipice

Will Rogers on learning

The precipice of unification is an awesome place as it allows you to perceive and engage the unified Universe in a situationally aware manner. But with that ability comes great responsibility because there are a great many people who are simply not ready for that. It is their responsibility to climb to the precipice, not yours to drag them there. They have to affect their own paradigm shifts to great effect. Something I call wrestling your own pigs, because doing that gets everyone dirty, and the pig likes it.

The problem and challenge with gaining this precipice is that entrance to the path getting there is obfuscated by the logic trap that is M1. If you can not fathom the implications of that trap being logically correct, then you may stay inside that trap for a very long time. Perhaps your entire lifetime. You would not be the first person to do that. This is an essential problem and challenge that has plagued humanity since the days of Plato, and how many generations have passed since then? The good news is that the keys to initiate the quest are now illuminated. I now place them in your hands, and they are under your fingertips right here, right now.

All of the links here will resolve for confirmed registered users for free without any obligations of any kind. The reason why is partly due to the issues we just went through, but we support ourselves with other products and services. We help people who are on the precipice wanting to know what they can do next. So, it is in our best interest to get as many people there for free as possible. If you want to go through this web site, you can do that at your leisure and in your own way. Everything you need to see what we saw is here.

Exploiting The Vista

Confirmed registered users have full access to the mechanics of our IP asset and our User Library. Anyone, anywhere, can access these materials. It is easier if you let us help you, but that requires our services. We are making that easier in several ways. We are working to place the body of our work since 2004 here online. Many of those insights are available for subscription. Then we also have online education courses which ultimately may be purchased, but right now while they are being developed, you may enroll in them for free and follow along with that development activity. Hopefully together we can minimize the number of headaches caused by pig wrestling.

Elegant Reasonism 101: An Introduction to the framework

The Emergence Model 101: An Introduction to the first model closing to unification

The path forward is clear. Remain with the status quo at your own risk and peril.


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By Charles McGowen

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