Critical Situationally Aware ThinkingCritical Situationally Aware Thinking

Critical Situationally Aware Thinking

Critical Thinking Influence Factors
Critical Thinking Influence Factors

Elegant Reasonism is a standards based utility process employing technological framework supporting the ultimate which epistemologically seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) closing to unification: The Emergence Model. Dynamically recognizing the EIM basis conversationally in real time is a skill that comes with time and experience and it requires critical thinking to accomplish. If your personality is prone to defend status quo positions or easily turns off listening or contemplation because the subject is something perceived to threaten your paradigm stack then you may have a great deal of work to do. Discerning technobabble and gobbledygook requires discriminating skills capable of wielding vast volumes of relevant information and the origins of that information. You must then be able to mode shift that information in order to assure affinity with the unified Universe.

Elegant Reasonism Demands Unified Universe Context

Critical Literacy
Critical Literacy

Stereotypical root cause analysis questions must be reframed in fully compliant context of the unified Universe in order to be relevant. We must remember that Empiricism is too an epistemology just as is Elegant Reasonism. The distinction between the two is the source of truth. What is relevant here is commission of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) and their predilections for leading humans into LEEs Empiricism Traps. Often the standard depth of root cause analysis is five levels deep and often additional levels are necessary in order to discern fundamental abstraction basis being employed in a given discussion or investigation.

There are many things which science can not answer, for example discerning which theory is correct from multiple theories whose consequences are all exactly the same and which all agree with experiment. When we find ourselves in such circumstances we must take two actions. We must swim upstream epistemologically into philosophical realms to make sure that we are asking the correct questions, here that means relative to and respective of the unified Universe. Then we must strive to understand the EIM basis of the issues. Generally that means employing the utility process and framework in order to navigate the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart.

Teachers working to establish curricula based scenarios may leverage these various circumstances in the classroom to illuminate and illustrate these issues for students in a variety of ways. Physical sciences may, for example, present red or blue shifted spectrographic information and then illuminate the distinctions between how those would be interpreted relative to and respective of the various EIMs which might be employed. Economics students could be exposed to action potentials leading to Human Action. Students involved in Art Appreciation may be interested to understand the body of work presented by Susanne K Langer.

Those investigators interested in imposing standards should be warned that it is easy to get lost in standards structures such that goal and objective boundaries are exceeded for the intended purpose. Do not fall into analysis paralysis traps. Keep everything as simple as possible but do enough to satisfy any requirements being imposed by ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards.





Why It Matters

We are all oft to say that “truth matters” without ever questioning the source of that truth epistemologically. Very oftent what is meant by that statement is empirical truth, but then that never questions whether or not the critical situationally awareness thinking is compartmentalized within LEEs Empiricism Trap. Another factor is to assure ourselves that we are not being Blinded by Past Successes. Evidence chains illuminating and illustrating credible linkage end to end through all abstractions and paradigm constructs such that they mode shift into the unified Universe, no matter how restful the linkage may be, hold more weight than do empirical evidence which can not close to unification. Understanding the source of truth matters. Understanding whether or not that origin closes to unification matters. The integrity with which these various questions are asked also matters.

Brave New Insights

Insights from the precipice capable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe are more powerful than any other because they reflect more directly actual reality. If you are making an argument but can not close your argument within the context of the unified Universe then you are vulnerable to those who can. It is just that simple. Many of these factors are discussed in the available presentations, white papers, and videos available through our network presence. Our caution is to be critically situationally aware in your thinking on yet another issue and it is that if those with whom you communicate are not familiar with the utility process and framework you used to develop your insights neither will you be able to justify those insights. Insights must be delivered in context of the process and framework used to justify them.

Traps, Errors, and Clues

There are many different types of traps, errors, and clues. Many we have already mentioned.

Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs)

LEEs typically occur when we mistake abstractions for actual reality.

Shelby Errors

Shelby Errors typically occur when government believes it is a profit centered business, it is not. This is especially true in Constitutional Republics like the United States. Government’s role is to protect all of its citizenry not compartmentalize, constrain, or thwart innovation. It is too easy to obfuscate and confuse through regulation, policy, and citizens are encouraged to watch the actions on the ground to see if those officials who are not elected are in fact carrying out the will of the people and not some other agenda. Here in the United States the supreme law of the land is the Constitution of the United States.

LEEs Empiricsm Traps

Not until we realize the full implication that human physiology is within the domain of the unified Universe and that our Central Nervous System (CNS) automatically furnishes our brains with abstractions are we likely to begin understanding the inherent weakness of the epistemology of empiricism.

Concept Compression Issues

Concept compression issues are those which not enough time has elapsed which would otherwise allow for natural developent of the concept. In the physical sciences the grand design spiral galaxy BX442, for example, is one such example because there has not been enough time since the EIM M1 context of the Big Bang for it to exist where in fact it does exist. The EIM M5 reconciles that issue because the age and size of the unified Universe are ample enough for it to have fully formed in the location where we find it. In fact the EIM M5 enables us to characterize the unified Universe Bang to Bang.



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By Charles McGowen

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