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Putting Ducks On The Pond of Knowledge

One of the guiding factors in the design of Elegant Reasonism was and remains effective knowledge management. We often ask people what are the distinctions between data, information, and knowledge. Once they have had a chance to noodle on that for a moment we then inject Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the discussion. Inevitably at some point androids come into the discussion. An android is not a robot, rather they will be something a great deal more powerful, mobile, employ A.I., and are likely sentient. Androids would be fully capable of possessing and applying knowledge every bit as much as a human and potentially more effectively. That includes anyone who fabricates such a device. Such scenarios have been fodder for science fiction for generations.

The Kelvin Wake Metaphor

knowledge management 01
Duck on a pond

Ducks in this metaphor are organic. They can be attracted in any number of ways and wildlife management rules apply.







Motor Boat
Motor Boat

Boats of any size are expensive and not as numerous as ducks, but anyone who has been on a busy lake will report it can get quite bumpy out there.







Ship underway
Ship Underway

Ships are even less numerous than boats and their wakes are often obfuscated by the weather.

The analogy here is that it isn’t the size of the wake but the disturbances and an ability to affect their occurrence. Damping affects, underlying terrain, weather, and other influences all perhaps have analogs.

A Kelvin wake is that wake behind something traveling on the surface of water. It could be a duck, boat, or a ship. What is interesting about Kelvin Wakes is that they all have the same angle off the object traveling that surface and it does not matter the size of the object. The analogy then has to do with knowledge penetration of a population. The premise is that knowledge will never penetrate the population faster than a Kelvin wake. If you are inside the wake then you possess that knowledge. If you are outside you are not yet aware. Flipping that analogy around we then ask if you have some knowledge which needs transference to others what is the best way to go about it. Should you build massive communications vehicles or adopt a strategy to feed ducks. Obviously anyone paying attention to what we are doing will recognize that we are feeding ducks. It’s easier and freedom and liberty allow the ducks to go where they want when they wish. The objective then is to fill every possible pond with as many ducks as is possible so the ripples across its surface resonate with greatest possible effect and affect.

The SOLREI Licensing Strategy

Knowledge Management 06
A Knowledge Management Cycle

Elegant Reasonism has two licensing options. Step one is free and covered under our General Use License. We encourage everyone, everywhere, to become ducks on the pond spreading critical situational awareness thinking. It will enable better perception and the ability to engage the unified Universe. Steps 2 through 7 only require commercial licensing if Elegant Reasonism is employed in any revenue generating activity, in which case we charge a nominal fee as a percentage analogous to what the credit card/finance industry charges businesses for transaction processing. If there are no revenue of any kind associated with your activities then steps 2 through 7 are also free. We recognize that we are all out on new ice and vigilance is warranted. If you want to get started and you know you are going to use this in revenue settings then Contact Us and let us know the planned use and expected environment. We will issue an electronic invoice for you based on an honor system. As all of this matures adjustments can be made to any account to everything remains fair and equitable.

We strongly encourage everyone contemplating use of Elegant Reasonism in any revenue setting to wield this disruptive technology transformationally. The situation is that civilization may engage our network presence at will. We have no control over who learns what. We have no idea how they are going to apply this or even if they will honor the licensing. Because we are allowing free access to this we really do not understand the volume of people trying to hack into our systems. That’s akin to trying to hack wikipedia. Just go log in and use it. Hackers can learn a thing or two from Emanuel Ninger. The reason we ask people to register as a Learner is so we can help with your paradigm shifts on your own individual terms. We do not sell advertising and we do not sell your information. Putting non-relevant information on your profile page only hurts yourself. We don’t care what you put on your profile page but we can’t help you much if you are not truthful. At the end of the day our strategic brand intent deals with enabling and empowering strategic sustainability. That is our passion and mission. Life is just too short to pander to distractions. Part of our mission is to enable civilization to perceive and engage the unified Universe. That means we want to help you comprehend Elegant Reasonism and how to apply it effectively. When you attain that capability, then we all win. Situations that are not win/win/win are not sought after here. To these ends we are working to develop education. They are no where near complete and for that reason we are not currently charging any fees for those who want to signup and take them. We encourage others to follow along in the development of that material. When the courses do reach their desired level of maturity then that situation will change, but we are not there yet.

The Elegant Reasoner Newsletter

We also provide a newsletter that will bring articles right to your email and they are free of advertising content at the moment. Should we ever employ advertising it will be discrete and on target with the needs of the consumer in mind (based on their profile). We do not employ big brother analysis techniques. We would rather spend our time developing content, products, and services that help others engage the unified Universe in pursuit of strategic sustainability. Our feeling is that is the best way to gain long term viability, value, and endurance.  If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter then simply complete the following information and click the button.

The newsletters like everything else here are evolving and we are working for constant improvement. Any casual observer will note that we have a very long way to go, but then what we accomplished is pretty epic by any measure. Obviously there is more to do than we have resources to accomplish, but we are doing the best we can with what we have. Just as obviously we are actively seeking to operationalize our capabilities to much greater affect. Credible investors may also contact us for more information. Business brokers will tell you that businesses they offer for sale are generally valued at ten times gross revenue which is then financed over 15 to 30 years. Elegant Reasonism accomplishes unification. What we know is that the combined GDP of the Earth is very roughly $85.4 trillion measured in USD. While we recognize normal valuations do not apply, we also are looking at how to place a credible value on an asset that fundamentally allows civilization to perceive and engage the unified Universe.  Right now, we do not have that answer, but we are working on it for a number of reasons. Beyond the superficially obvious reasons we are looking to develop credible metrics that take mode shifting into account for global enterprise. It is in everyone’s best interest to wield Elegant Reasonism ransformationally in every respect, including ours. We believe something like Elegant Reasonism only comes along a very few times in civilization’s history and this is one of those times. Consequently we are very well aware of the implications and we want to do this the right way if only because we are never going to escape the fact that we created this and having done that is a double edged thing. Many who are highly invested in status quo positions will very likely have to transition through standard stages of grief coping and dealing with the associated paradigm shifts necessary for them to gain the precipice of unification. We are working to make our network presence support those desirous of gaining th e unification precipice the material they need. In the end only the individual consumer can accomplish those paradigm shifts because the paradigms needing shifted are between their ears not ours. We did not live your life. Obviously you did. You are in charge of those changes in perceptions not us. All we can do is ask questions and present the latest insights. The rest is up to you.


What no one anticipated questing unification historically was that fundamental context would change Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) to EIM. When we recognize not that Albert Einstein was absolutely 100% logically correct, but the strategic implication in the insight of that logical correctness in the full context of committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) would lay the ground work for LEEs Empiricism Trap that ensnared all of civilization. No one anticipated any of that. Which, of course, is why unification took so long to accomplish. Unification demands the capability to credibly integrate manifestation of everything real. That necessarily includes the reintegration of philosophy and science. The impact of accomplishing unification could not be more profound.






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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: