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The Elegant Reasoner is a newsletter dedicated to being the worldwide preeminent source for insights relative to and respective of the unified Universe.  We encourage everyone to engage Elegant Reasonism to full comprehension so that you might also be able to perceive and engage the unified Universe from your interest areas.  The quest for unification may be over but what it means for humanity remains to be recognized. Today we are all asking what constitutes an expert under these conditions because of the restful nature of multidisciplinary requirements. We are currently in a stage that mavericks rule.

Articles will range from philosophy to hard science. We will continue to integrate content from our original systems review and present that in context of the latest insights. We are also working to establish a credible curricula gradient spanning all levels of education. Not just for the sake of teaching but for accreditation purposes worldwide. This means ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) standards must be developed and articulated. The intent is to help as many as is possible to understand what unification is, what it means, and how it may influence whatever it is you do. Unification is a tapestry a great deal larger than any single school of thought or discipline of science. Unification literally means being able to characterize the instantiation of everything real and that’s a tall order. There are new concepts, rules, and processes.


2022, September 4 – 3Q2022 Latest articles

2022, June 27 – Testing subscriptions

2022, April 8 – Emanuel Ninger


Employ Elegant Reasonism transformationally and rise to your highest potential in life. Don’t be an example of what not to be. Be all you can be. The only limits are those you impose on yourself.


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