SolREI Education Offerings

SolREI, Inc. will offer a variety of courses from simple overviews and introductory types of offerings up to and including those required for certification and ISO compliance. It is our intent to pursue the necessary and appropriate accreditation for courses offered through appropriate institutions. Most of these education offerings remain under development at this time due to our resource constraints. We are working very hard to increase our ability to develop these materials faster with greater effectiveness as fast as is humanly possible. 

NOTE: The material here is under high and heavy development with limited resources. Associated costs are being waved until these materials stabilize.

Introductory Courses

These courses are intended as foundation building classes on which subsequent classes are based. Consequently many circumstances will require these courses as prerequisite material. If you are a registered user on our website you will be able to tell other people to use these courses as a background basis for your investigations. Just send them  the links to point them in the right direction. They will likely have to register also in order to resolve the link, but registration doesn’t cost anything.

Elegant Reasonism 100

There is in education in general the assumption that basic introduction courses should not need prerequisite skills. We are no so convinced when it comes to teaching Elegant Reasonism today. The problem and challenges come in the form of conveying a plurality of fundamental interpretative contexts. That is to say how a plurality of Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) impact how we perceive reality around us, including through instrumentality we create.  As we have worked over the last few years to develop the 101 course it has become clear that it needs to be separated and fundamental principles need to be conveyed here in a 100 level course and more of the operational details in the 101 course. We are now working toward that end but we have a great deal of work yet to do.

Elegant Reasonism 101

This is the introductory course for the Elegant Reasonism IP framework. This course is intended to provide foundational perspective on what Elegant Reasonism is, a few of its implications, and a brief introduction on the value it represents.

The Emergence Model 101

This is the introductory course for The Emergence Model which satisfies the requirement for employing a fully compliant model closing to unification as required by Elegant Reasonism.

Certification Courses

Certification courses are being developed with high priority by SolREI. These courses are essential in the delivery not only of the introductory courses across civilization but to professionals and professional organizations, Many of such professional organizations engage across SolREI’s primary customers in the global economy and it is our intent to enable and empower these professionals with the highest priority possible so they may effectively engage the global economy. 


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