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To What End Enduring Truth

The cogent description of M5 offers a view of the unified Universe and reconciles many issues puzzling many folks. How far we have come is not the proper question. How far we have to go and where do we want to wind up is perhaps more useful. I agree with all of those who have been pushing civilization to be multiplanetary in its extent. Gerard K O’Neill was a scientist promoting that idea many decades ago. And while many of wanted that, only until Elon Musk came along did anyone feeling that way actually have the resources necessary to realize that dream.

Earth Rise From Apollo 11 Command Module Rendezvous with LEM

Strategic Brand Intent Of Humanity

To endure transformationally that others may join the chorus. – Charles C McGowen

Every human that has ever lived is in that photograph, except one: Michael Collins, and even he is implied because he took the picture. Space is bigger than most can fathom. Presume for a minute that interstellar travel is commonplace and trivial. It very much is not that, but presume for a minute it is. Why bother going anywhere else? To study other geology? Are their permutations of the periodic table different than ours? To study life or biology? That question must be answered in context of the life being studied. Is it aware of your presence? If you have progressed far enough to achieve interstellar travel, you have also comprehended the emergence of life and its subsequent evolution. Pharmacology may be useful as well as medical insights that help ease suffering. In the end, like rearing children, provide everything and it breeds arrogance and unrealistic expectations. The trick then is to lead transformationally so that life may stand on its own and gain the high frontier to join the chorus that must exist. Place yourself in the shoes of fictional investigator Sherlock Holmes but mode shift yourself into such circumstances where you are standing on the bridge of a starship looking down at a developing planetary civilization. The likelihood that their development would interest you in the slightest is a pretty rarefied idea, because you would already know where you came from. Importantly however, you would know what the developing civilization did not. The burning quest then is how to get them to see beyond where they are in a manner that would encourage them to learn and be independent rather than entitled. The reason is simply that the entitled will implode once you leave, and there is no benefit to your staying. The only question might concern how long your window of opportunity actually is, or perhaps should be.

Multiplanetary Society

There are many places within the Sol System where humanity may extend itself. If we could get the power mongers out of the way we might even be able to develop a solar system wide power and communications grid. I would be very happy if we did that because it would mean this pilgrim’s wish for Earth had come true. It would mean we could deliver electrical energy anywhere in the solar system with high precision and accuracy, in any quantity needed. Short of devastating the entire system it would optimize our chance to endure as a species. There are million reasons to accomplish being in more than one place and once you come to that conclusion, you will also understand that endurance means you must also be prepared to leave the solar system for all the same reasons. The question is where will you go and why. Again, you had better love your vehicle if you chose that path. Starship Earth is already on such a journey, and we are not taking very good care of it. What makes dreamers think another group would take care of another starship if they can’t take care of the one they’re on already?

Mode Shifting Science Fiction

Many may find themselves crestfallen in unification’s wake because seemingly all their favorite story device mechanisms were eliminated. The insight that rapidity rules cosmological velocity is of little solace in the face of the intervening objects that would perforate transitioning high velocity craft. The cogent description of M5 hides a very subtle, insidious perhaps, challenge to interstellar travel and it comes in the form of navigation. Traveling from point A to point B requires you to know for certain where point B will be when you get there, because you will need point B to slow down and stop. Once you have gained orbit there regeneration and navigation to your next destination may begin. That’s all well and good, if you actually achieve orbit at point B. If your calculations are off, even slightly, you will not stop there, and those implications potentially involve eternity. Calculations are only part of the problem in navigation. Point B’s trajectory vector may have been unexpectedly altered, but the implications are the same. You would then potentially have eternity staring at you and you had very much better love the starship you are on because you may be there a very long time.

Presume Success, What Then?

The cogent description of M5 illuminates the insight that knots form in seconds, not eons. There are many who point to life on Earth and say “look it took life on Earth billions of years to form”, to which our reply is “did you know the rocks on the sea floor are younger than the rocks on land?” Their puzzled looks give way to bewilderment when they realize that our ability to measure such things is somewhat arbitrary. We know how long ‘this life path cycle has been taking place’. We know that the oldest rocks have been around that long, and the assumption being made is that the Earth is not significantly older than that. However, there is a funny thing about age dating rocks. There is a concept called ‘critical temperature’ that will reset the chronometer on rocks if it is reached. All we really know is that those rocks have not had their critical temperature reset in that period of time. Everything else is an assumption.

St Kilda's Solar System Trail
St Kilda’s Solar System Trail in Melbourne, Australia


Take Easter Island as an example of a people so bent on power they destroyed each other and their biosphere in the process. What did that accomplish? It has been said that everyone has a purpose, even if it only serves as a bad example for others to learn from. In our original systems review notes you will find many extinction level events over the course of our planet’s geologic history. To us, our planet seems large, enormous perhaps. In the grand scheme of things our planet, and we, are quite small compared to other objects along the entanglement gradient. Perhaps even insignificant.

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Consider for a moment that everything you just watched in the above video is inside our particle horizon, and that we and our little planet are to that particle horizon as our particle horizon is to the unified Universe. The unified Universe is unimaginably immense, and its age is unknowable. So, we ask you again – to what end?

One Answer Perhaps

Ironically the essential message has been told countless times by scriptures of most if not all of Earth’s great religions, perhaps since before history was chronicled. It is why we refer to gaining knowledge as enlightenment. There is under The Emergence Model, no such thing as darkness only the absence of light; and similarly the same might be said cold is only the absence of heat. Heat is a measure of action driven motion. Motion extreme enough to exceed a systems Severance will destroy the configuration that is that system, returning it to its constituent constructs. Such an Event Frame exists at the event horizon of black holes. If there ever was an example of Hell, that’s it, and it should be intuitively obvious that one would want to avoid that at all costs, again, for obvious reasons. The trick then is to stay in the light of ordinary illumination and enjoy the warmth of the stars. Pondering that desire then we realize that the ultimate trick is to endure Bang to Bang. To do that requires us to stay in the heavens.



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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2439-1707