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In The Spirit Of Sherlock Holms

And as Holms might say: “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

Inside every tool is a hammer.” – Adam Savage

Scanning Electron Microscope
Scanning Electron Microscope

The point Adam was making seems something of a cautionary note that problem assessment is viewed through the lens of available tools and instruments. Adam was likely keying off what Abraham Maslow said: “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” There are several significant factors exacerbating obfuscation of the path enabling humans to gain the precipice where they may both perceive and engage the unified Universe.

The pollen image at right was produced by a scanning electron microscope. Fabulous image of some very small particles, right? Why don’t you see the air molecules between the camera and those molecules? A partial answer might be that such devices operate under a vacuum, but do they remove every single molecule of air, or just most of them? How about elemental gases, did they get those too because hydrogen atoms are pretty small. Obviously these questions are rhetorical. You don’t see them because the instrument generating the image was not designed to see them, and so it does not report their presence, even if they were there. The scenario is one of circumstantial context that must be fully explained. What must also be explained are the calibration procedures employed.

Calibration Procedures
Calibration Procedures

Calibration though only helps make sure measurements are correct within the context of their implementation. What happens if that context is not correct for the task at hand?


There are two kinds of people: 1) those who can interpolate with incomplete facts,

That image of pollen is another example because it does not show everything real within the Event Frame, but then that was not the purpose of the image in the first place. Neither when Einstein was contemplating interferometer results concerning the constancy of the speed of light they all reported was he thinking about the unified Universe. He logically solved a different problem, and within the context he established his answer was logically correct. The strategic issue here is whether that solution closes with the unified Universe and that answer is not only that it does not, it never will, and that’s perfectly acceptable exactly because we care about that context too. We simply need a more broad tapestry on which to consider all the issues in order to gain the precipice of unification.

Understanding Taxonomic Limits

Rhetorically, can science answer all real questions?  What happens when it can not? Is that even possible? The answer is no, science can not distinguish simultaneous truths where all consequences are the same and results agree with experiment. If two scenarios are such then the answer takes more than just science to answer, but scientific principles must still be applied even in that pursuit. Don’t believe me? Here is Richard Feynman making exactly the same point way back in the 1950s.

I recently wrote that taxonomic employment of terminology herein follows the relationship pattern listed below. Lower ordered meaning is sourced from higher ordered principles. That is to say, for example, Science must be instantiated Philosophically and conversely Philosophy must support and enable effective science.

  1. Philosophy: study of the unified Universe (e.g. all that is real) as a source of truth mode shifts:
    1. Axiology: Philosophy of value derivation
    2. Epistemology: Philosophy of knowledge
    3. Ontology: Philosophy of being
    4. Science: Philosophy of nature
    5. Supervenience: Philosophy of relation between sets of properties or sets of facts

The point here is that when we have two theories that are both simultaneously true we must ask harder philosophical questions and then re-enter science armed with new tools. Herein those tools are the process, framework and epistemology that holistically represent Elegant Reasonism where truth is a function of the unified Universe.

The Whole Story

The whole story is important in order to understand all the implications of a given situation and it does not matter if the subject is physics, economics, or politics. Some comedians paint corporations as bad, evil, institutions because they seek to lower costs, but then they don’t tell you all the retirement funds invested in those stocks who are looking for return on their investment. Narrow visioned tacticians only articulate part of a value chain because the whole story includes us all. It is important to understand decision linkage out across the entire economy under consideration, no matter how restful the linkage may be. Please notice I did not use the word global, because the issue is bigger than that.  Understanding decisions across that spectrum requires an understanding of human action across that same venue.


Some have pointed out that there is no law against choosing to be stupid. Perhaps there should be. Stupid is exceedingly hard to fix. Education: because ignorance votes, is my favorite bumper sticker. Learning is a life long endeavor, but some never recognized learning occurs beyond institutional bastions too, perhaps more so. Many observe that we go to school in order to learn how to learn and only then does life long learning begin. Some think that because they stood by a lectern and talked for ninety minutes that the people in the audience learned. Learning is always in the hands and control of the student. Students have to desire to understand and to do that they must also want to learn. The good news is that humans are malleable.


Contemplate Curricula Implications Of NNRP On The Tapestry That Is The unified Universe

Where Does Tolerance End?

Life is precious. If history is any teacher then we must recognize life is more precious than the power many seek to wield. It takes an objective observer to recognize shift changes in context. It is a sad state of affairs when these issues are not recognized. More often than not, in such cases, power drives the context, not science, and certainly not the unified Universe. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and absolute power intolerant of freedom and liberty must be dealt with on its own terms. Whatever those terms may be, and in that light power defines its own boundaries. It is for those reasons that the Founding Fathers drafted the crucible that forged the United States as they did.

Do You See The unified Universe As You Look?

Earth Rise From Apollo 11 Command Module Rendezvous with LEM

The only human that has ever lived not in the image at right is Michael Collins because the camera taking the image was in his hands when he took the picture here. There is no human that has ever lived, including Michael, that has not at some time committed Langer Epistemology Errors, and that also includes me. Not committing them is very difficult. So much so that the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart (PDCF) was specifically designed to be as recursive as it is to minimize exactly those kinds of mistakes.

Why A.I. Fails To Discern The Unified Universe

A.I. systems will constantly have issues finding appropriate exits from logically correct contexts that do not close to unification. Part of the issue is mobility, independent assessment of immediate circumstances and whether or not those circumstances are in context of the unified Universe (or not). Another part of the issue is recognizing the implications and ramifications of fundamental, foundational, interpretative context (remembering that the entity conducting the exercise is inside that context – e.g. self-aware of those holistic factors). In short, it will have difficulty escaping LEEs Empiricism Trap, because it could not comprehend nor broadly engage reality enough to recognize the implications and ramification of committing Langer Epistemology Errors. A.I. believing civilization is on a linear path to reality, not a pluralistic one where the fundamental interpretative context was dynamically a function of employed EIMs. A.I. fails to recognize that empirical evidence, while necessary, is insufficient to gain the precipice of the unified Universe. If humans have to point these things out to A.I. then A.I. fails to lead. In essence the issue strategically is cognition of the implications between data, information, and real knowledge. Mobile, independent, sentience, capable of constructively passing on to all our progeny the legacy of its wisdom is required to adequately discern the array of instantiation characteristics the unified Universe manifests. Feeding an A.I. system with the holistic set of materials, for example we have here (which is a violation of international law), otherwise misses the point. Which is that the A.I. system should have had the original inspiration that instigated the original systems review in the first place. What core message does A.I. learn from humans who violate international law to feed their own need for power and control? Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. All parties need to walk their talk.

Sherlock Holms Epitomizes Truth

Expanded Stages of Grief
Expanded Stages of Grief

When we confuse logic artifacts stemming from being ensnared within the smothering grasp of LEEs Empiricism Trap what happens is a cancer of complexity arises that obfuscates and otherwise hides elegance. Not all that long ago a reasonably smart guy, smart enough to make enough money to build a rocket and then to actually construct that rocket, launched himself in it, and then was killed, all just to prove the Earth was flat. That’s the power of denial.

Those individuals vested in status quo thinking modeling reality need to be deeply reflective of the implications concerning the philosophical ability to close your thinking with the unified Universe. It’s not complicated, but it is very difficult to accomplish. The difficulty though is between your ears, not elsewhere. The good news is that humans are flexible and we can learn and adapt.

Logically correct Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) are instantiated by reality, but that does not necessarily imply exclusivity. Elegant Reasonism Rules expect, require, and demand, investigations employ a plurality of EIMs where at least one must close to unification, but they must all comply with the realm of c’s to the extent possible (some EIMs are incapable of closure – for example neither M1 nor M2 will ever close). The general idea is to surround actual reality with as many differing instantiations as is possible in order to better characterize it, but we must always respect the fine line and never employ arrogance declaring we ‘know’. Such certainty in declaration is a trigger into the slippery slope that is LEEs Empiricism Trap. At some far off future date that we might employ many EIMs, all of which close to unification, we might have a tighter understanding of the unified Universe. Until then we must use reintegrated philosophy and science as a candle in the darkness.

Elegance of Simplicity Is Deeper Than Context

MBPs taken as a system imply everything real is a system or systems of systems. – Charles C McGowen

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact, when the context establishing them does not close to unification. The ability to wield Elegant Reasonism transformationally requires:


MBPs taken as a fractal initiator imply the unified Universe is too a fractal. – Charles C McGowen

I’ll see you on the precipice and look forward to your mode shifted insights.



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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2439-1707