Philosophy, Science, Technology, Engineering, and TechnologyPhilosophy, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology

Advice for Students

My advice for everyone is to be a life long student and never confuse schooling with education. Learn how you learn, then learn to think independently, being exceptionally honest with yourself. At school I was studying aerospace engineering but even when I joined corporate America my education only accelerated. When I wasn’t doing my day job I was advancing my skills. Critical situational awareness thinking is always important. Understand the circumstances influencing your immediate environment. Ultimately I became an open water scuba instructor. I am also pilot. I’ve been skydiving (twice). All of these endeavors require an understanding of critical situational awareness thinking. I love diving, sailing, astronomy, and fixing all sorts of things from aircraft, and boats, to cars. I’ve been a Realtor, Mortgage Broker, consultant, and business owner. Being around the ocean allows me to bring together these many areas of interest in a way that is unique to the maritime realm.

Mode Shifting STEM to PSTEM

The common thread throughout STEM is science, and the presumption there is that science can can discern all that is, and that premise is patently false. Don’t take my word on that. Here is Richard P Feynman discussing these issues in a 1950’s lecture – and the point here is that this insight is not new by any stretch. The real, and quite rhetorical, question is why someone might believe that it is true.


I recently wrote that taxonomic employment of terminology herein follows the relationship pattern listed below. Lower ordered meaning is sourced from higher ordered principles. That is to say, for example, Science must be instantiated Philosophically and conversely Philosophy must support and enable effective science. The holistic taxonomy listed immediately below must be mode shifted as must all their associated materials.

  1. Philosophy: study of the unified Universe (e.g. all that is real) as a source of truth mode shifts:
    1. Axiology: Philosophy of value derivation
    2. Epistemology: Philosophy of knowledge
    3. Ontology: Philosophy of being
    4. Science: Philosophy of nature
    5. Supervenience: Philosophy of relation between sets of properties or sets of facts

The point here is that when we have two theories that are both simultaneously true we must ask harder philosophical questions and then re-enter science armed with new tools, and first principles must be built on that mode shifted foundation (not one that does not close to unification, because then you are already inside LEEs Empiricism Trap).  Herein those tools are the process, framework and epistemology that holistically represent Elegant Reasonism where truth is a function of the unified Universe.

Consequently Philosophy itself must be mode shifted. Philosophy must be able to reconcile logically correct realms from real realms. Systems Engineering principles, practices, processes, and indeed the profession must be fully integrated across these various domains. Remember, something can be logically correct yet remain different in reality. The traditional approach to STEM is forced into subjective realms when it ignores what we are saying here. Mode Shifting philosophy to appropriately reconcile unification in a fully compliant, standards based, approach must be the answer going forward and curricula based on Elegant Reasonism will recursively strengthen that approach.

20 Cognitive Biases
20 Cognitive Biases

Join the PSTEM Quest

It is all about exploration and its proper enabling approach. Mode shifting the stereotypical approach to topics then there’s no difference between philosophy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, (PSTEM). It doesn’t matter which one you want do, relative to the unified Universe, it’s all the same quest and all of it is vital.

Q: Why have you added philosophy to this list where the rest of the world seems to focus only on STEM curricula? We can’t speak for the rest of the world but what we found during our original systems review is that science does not deal well with simultaneity of truth when multiple theories are all the same, have all consequences the same, and all results agree with experiment. Under those conditions a great deal more is required. We must also revisit philosophical questions and positions we had entering science as a predicate assumption. That is one reason why Elegant Reasonism is defined in the manner it is. Recent history has developed an emerging trend that creates a schism between philosophy and science, due in large part to innocent commission of Langer Epistemology Errors and entry into LEEs Empiricism Trap dealing with experimental results from instrumentality and laboratories. For example, it is possible to create sophisticated rationale and mathematics to support that rationale completely in context of a logical system. Online gaming environments do that all the time. While scientists and professionals strive to use empirically derived factors for their equations in order to make their case for a given investigation, project, or circumstance, most – if not all – of which was peer reviewed; the one thing absolutely no one anticipated was the fundamental interpretative context on which 100% of all that effort – changed. That’s what happens when we shift from one EIM to another, and it is for that and other reasons the term used to indicate that shift is referred to as “mode shifting“.

The unified Universe requires an ability to manifest everything real in the past, now, and into the future.  That means we need to be able to have a single cogent paragraph capable of manifesting all fundamental forces, fully coupling all real objects in every frame of reference, across all scales (e.g. the entire entanglement gradient and in both emergent and convergent vectors), and do so Bang to Bang. The cogent description of The Emergence Model‘s M5 does that. The 800lb gorilla in the room (that will require your help on) are how Architectures of Mass influence what it is we think we know.

Cognitive Dissonance 01
Cognitive Dissonance

Don’t Fear the Unknown

Science is more powerful when you understand its strengths and weaknesses. Commission of Langer Epistemology Errors is, in Susanne K Langer’s words: epistemologically fatal. The traditional scientific approach to the innocent uninitiated can be a quick entry into LEEs Empiricism Trap and while the scientific method is necessary, alone it is insufficient to gain the precipice of the unified Unvierse – more is needed. In essence we all need everyone of our faculties to gain that precipice. Remember, unification demands and requires the credible reintegration of everything real, and that includes 100% of philosophy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, not to mention everything real. While it is important to understand why some things work, it is also highly useful to understand why others do not. The most important step toward wisdom is the phrase “I don’t know”.


There is very good news for all students here if for no other reason than unification has now been accomplished and we are starting to understand its implications not just to all the things we do in the global economy but relative to and respective of how it is we all teach our progeny and what that means for the future of civilization.

Celebrate Ah-Ha! Moments

There is something of an interesting phenomena all students will experience executing such investigations. EIMs establish fundamental interpretative contexts, but what exactly does that mean? It means that your worldview is intrinsically based on the EIM contextual foundation.  What happens to your worldview when that foundation is mode shifted? The answer is that some now perceive concepts and constructs they did not wish to comprehend before they started. Stepping onto this path is not without its risks. Imagine thought that we humans are, as Sagan used to say, ‘star stuff’. He also used to say that we are a way for the universe to know itself. The epistemological path to the ability to enable that inextricably threads the needle of life but we are from those humble beginnings.


The Meek Will Inherit The Earth, The Rest Of Us Are Going To The Stars

We look forward to your mode shifted insights!


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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: