One Pilgrim’s Wish for Earth

Think changing a few light bulbs will save the planet? The problem’s scope is much broader and deeper than those meager efforts would accomplish. Those ‘meager efforts’ are necessary but insufficient in and of themselves. We need a comprehensive, strategic plan. ‘Climate Change’ is the single most massive and serious situation ever to face human kind indeed all life on Earth and it is bigger than just weather. Solving it will take every bit of 90 years and involve every facet of life on our planet. We must use our free will and act quickly in the face of an ever narrowing window of opportunity to succeed. This is the text of my proposal, in speech form, made to the President of the United States PRIOR to his delivering the 2007 “State of the Union” address. This plan drives hope beyond 2100, provides for job creation, and improvements in standards of living across the planet. Discover a strategic plan that can solve the problem.

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