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To Endurance

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Fukang Pallasite Meteorite

The status quo is smugly confident in their position because they have success on their side, or do they? Have you ever wondered what Galileo di Vincenzo Bonaiuti de’ Galilei might have done walking home from the inquisition to his home where he was imprisoned the remainder of his life? We have this image of him shaking his fist at them yelling “It works that way anyway!” The point is that it does not matter what the “powers that be” want. What matters is enduring truth, and here, that truth is a function of the unified Universe and it will not be stopped, hindered or slowed. Build your elaborate rationalizations. We would rather go down in history as a Cassandra than be constrained forever by a mobius loop logic trap. Occasionally it only takes an 8 ball to make you realize that sometimes you just need to remember fundamentals of the game. Just rotate that ball 90 degrees and you get a different message.

Past Success Is No Guarantee of Future Success

The phrase in business on this point is: “Blined by Success“.

Hard Rhetorical Questions

Mobius Loop
multi colour moebius strip, infinity symbol, isolated on white background

Any individual question below constitutes a difficult question to answer. The only thing we can think of that is harder than answering these questions is reconciling them all at the same time by the same means.

Q: Status Quo Thinking will accomplish unification by taking what steps, exactly?

Q: Why has quantum computing failed to deliver?

Q: Why are experiments into quantum gravity failing to meet expectations?

Q: Grand design spiral galaxies take some 11 billion years to gravitationally form, why then is BX442 located at such a distance as not to leave enough time since the big bang to have formed given its location?

Q: Why can a common real geometric basis point not be used in every frame of reference?

Q: What is the real geometric basis of spacetime?

Q: How in science can we distinguish which of two theories which have all consequences the same and both agree with experiment?

Q: What is precluding more direct linkage between quantum mechanics and cosmology across all scales?

Q: What is preventing all real forces from being characterized against all real objects in the same reference frame and relative to all other frames of reference across all scales?

Q: What is beneath the event horizon of a black hole?

Q: Why do black holes grow?

Q: Do black holes have a minimum size?

Q: Protons and neutrons are comprised of quarks, why does their mass not equal the sum of the quark masses and what comprises that incremental mass and how is that mass configured relative to those quarks?

Q: Is spacetime real or just logically correct?

Q: If spacetime is real, and inflationary theory is correct, why do forces like stress, tension, etc. not seem to apply?

Q: Can you distinguish to clarity spacetime from the luminiferous aether in a single cogent sentence?

Q: Why are all the supermassive galaxies accelerating away from one another?

Q: What is the source of the statistical circles discovered in the WMAP data regarding the Big Bang?

Q: Why is the arrow of time always positive?

Q: Why are Newton’s Laws true, intrinsically as a function of each EIM manifesting the associated POI/N necessary to answer this question?

Q: Can you characterize how the answers to standard root cause analysis questions change as you mode shift answers to the above question?

Q: Why are Thermodynamics Laws true, intrinsically as a function of each EIM manifesting the associated POI/N necessary to answer this question?

Q: Again, can you characterize how the answers to standard root cause analysis questions change as you mode shift answers to the above question?

Q: What do Pallasite Meteorites, olivine, gold bearing quartz, BX442, GLASS-z12, the rocks under your very feet, all the fossils, water, indeed all the flora and fauna everywhere all have in common?

Glass Half Full/Empty
Glass Half Full or Empty? Which is which

Q: See this glass? Characterize what it is you see and then answer which is which. While you may also know the answer to the dots puzzle, ponder this: take three equidistant rows of three equidistant dots in each and connect them with exactly four straight lines without ever retracing any line or picking up your writing instrument. Now the question is not about the solution, but rather what was it inside you that prevented your immediate recognition of the solution. As you ponder that, pause for a minute and ponder all the questions that you are not asking exactly because you are inside LEEs Empiricism Trap. Ponder all the questions civilization never fathoms asking for all the same reasons and then ask yourself this: just how important really is Elegant Reasonism and then what personal action are you going to take right now, today!

  • As you look at this glass, Contemplate Mode Shifting the traditional baloney detection kit and consider who is carrying the baloney trying to get to the precipice of the unified Universe. Which side of that interface in that glass are you on? The wrong choice might kill you.

Q: What links economics and art appreciation to the unified Universe? Are those subjects theoretical astrophysicists ever contemplate? How often do you see scientists talk about those things?

Q: Walk outside wherever on Earth you are right now and find a piece of heavily mineralized quartz. Heft it in your hands. Ask a geologist where that came from. They may speak of hydrothermal fluids. Ask them why then are there only a particular set of elements forming those minerals? Why those particular elements and not a more diverse set of minerals? Go to a rock show somewhere. Find an example of a Pallasite meteorite. In case you can’t get to a rock show, that picture to the right here is one of those. Ask those same questions, of anyone you like. Then ponder this. Do those examples have more affinity to the diverse elements found on Earth or do they have greater affinity for stellar nucleosynthesis ‘burn layers’ inside stars? scientists don’t like these questions. Know why? Simple. Supernova’s eject (e.g. ejecta) materials at relatively low velocities. Then look at how far away those events are, and given their understanding of the Big Bang and when they think that occurred – there is not enough time for that rock in your hand to have traveled from where it was produced to wind up in your hand. That’s why they want you to think it was produced on Earth and not by astrominerology processes through natural cosmochemistry. Newsflash! Hold The Presses! What happens when we mode shift the age and size of the unified Universe? This one I’ll tell you, but I’m not going to tell you why it’s true. You’ll have to go on your own egg hunt to figure that out. The real unified Universe is a great deal larger than our particle horizon, and it is unknowably ancient, exactly because those answers lay beyond the particle horizon. What we can tell you is that there is more than ample time for that rock to have traveled from where it was produced to exist in your hand. What must change is that paradigm stack between your ears and you may begin that journey right here, right now.

  • See that pallasite meteorite that guy is holding in that image to the right? There is one undeniable, hard cold, fact. That guy is holding that object. The question then becomes what produced it? Where did it come from? How long did it take to get here? How fast was it going? What implications do all those various facts hold for cosmology?

There is a very long list of such questions and while we could answer them here that’s not any fun. As Isaac Asimov pointed out: “the true delight is in the finding out, not in the knowing”. Consequently the above questions are not linked anywhere, but the answers are here. You’ll just have to look to find them, but when you do you will need to see as you look. Clues have been laid at our feet for generations. It seems that almost everyone knew, subliminally at least, that there was this undercurrent pulling us inextricably into Elegant Reasonism. Our destiny is among the stars, but our starship is under our very feet right now. Asking if we can’t take care of that how could we possibly care for another elsewhere fundamentally misses the point that here is a shooting gallery, but on the target end of the range. We must diversify or ultimately be relegated to irrelevant dust. Excuse me sir, but is that baloney in your pockets?

The clues and evidence are already in hand. Thomas Jefferson penning the Constitution of the United States pondered the jury system of the judicial branch pointing out that any single person might be given an intelligence quotient of one (e.g. IQ = 1), and in any group of true peers their average will IQ will tend toward that same number. However, if you inject one loudmouthed dullard into that group it will lower the quotient below the average. That insight was the genesis of peer reviewed materials and evidence. The question and situation then becomes what happens if the entire group is tricked by circumstances of physiology into believing that evidence to be something other than what their senses are telling them. It happens every day. That’s why there are two types of pilots flying aircraft. Those who fly by Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and those who fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). You think you can’t fool your senses? Think again.

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Elegant Reasonism provides the essential tools we need to gain the precipice required in order to perceive and engage the unified Universe. The only question now is what are you going to do about that? Link, share, subscribe. Tell everyone you know! Learn these issues and then take them back to every teacher you know and show them. Let’s all help one another gain the precipice and revolutionize civilization! What can you accomplish from that precipice that would never happen from anywhere else?  Contact us and let us know! Get your commercial license in place and take your ideas to market! Do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you help others!

Langer New Knowledge
Langer New Knowledge

Susanne K Langer

What questions do you now have, you did not have before encountering all this material?

  • What Langer Epistemology Errors have you committed in the last 72 hours?
  • As you encounter this material are you saying “Yeah, but…” or “How does that relate?”
  • Are you starting to get “mode shifting”?
  • Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is, well… you figure it out.


People Who Led The Way

While many are acknowledged there are four in particular:

  • Einstein, Albert
  • Langer, Susanne K
  • McGowen, Charles C
  • Okun, Lev B

How did these people facilitate accomplishing unification?

The bigger question now is how all this affects you? What immediate actions are you going to take? Do you have a commercial license to get your ideas into the marketplace?

One Person Can Make A Difference

What happens here changes civilization. One person can make a difference. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Be the change you want to see in the world. How many people can you help to understand Elegant Reasonism. Browse our online store. Find merchandise that can help you help others. Find conversation ice breakers. Find ways to initiate unexpected opportunity to expand cognizance.

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