Licensing Intellectual Properties

The SolREI company has a number of IP asset it licenses, and each may have differing types of licenses associated with them depending on your intended use.


Elegant Reasonism

Licensing Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism is divided into two parts:

General Use License

The Elegant Reasonism General Use License covers everyone whether or not you have requested an individual license key. Users wishing to register will need to update their profile with their key.

Commercial Use License

Commercial licenses are required if Elegant Reasonism has any involvement with revenue transations. The Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License requires an Insight Subscription License in addition to the ERCUL. Commercial royalties for licensed usage is billed separately and usually in arrears. Please contact us if you have questions.

It should be noted that commercial application of Elegant Reasonism will likely require a systems review conducted by either you or with our assistance.


Below are public press releases. We suggest you review the website archives. Contact Us if you need additional information or have questions.



First quarter 2023 is nailing down past issues so we can move forward with increased focus on enabling professional educators, consultants, and global enterprise.

Website Updates!
Please pardon our mess. Construction activities are underway.


During 4Q2021 and most of 2022 our network presence came under intense attack from around the world. No one helped us directly, despite our pleas for assistance. Many of our vendors did respond within their systems to help make sure these attacks were not more broadly felt by others and that recovery efforts in such events would be more effective and efficient. We all learned something from these experiences though instigated for all the wrong reasons. Why people do this is beyond us. Most of what we had to work on, no one will ever percieve directly (we hope).

Our eCommerce site is now back online and we are reviewing product focus and content assignments. The eShop for professional educators is also back online. Registered Learners logging into the system will find merchandise targeted by subject area to help others understand, perceive and engage the unified Universe. If you have ideas about something we might be able to offer Contact Us.







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Licensing SOLREI products is quick and easy.

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