Gravity LensingGravity Lensing

James Webb Space Telescope Is Online!

There are enough folks already showing details about the JWST design and images of the actual telescope, so we are not going to do that. Because this new system has such large mirrors phenomena the HST may have had to labor to produce are quickly evident with the JWST and there is no better example than that of gravity lensing. Simplistically this phenomena occurs when the light from a distant star passes around an intermediate gravitational source and is bent such that it forms multiple images on the far side of that gravity source. Each individual image comes together where similarly bent geodesics are similarly bent converge.

Gravity Lensing Phenomena
Gravity Lensing Phenomena

Many folks use the fact that we do indeed see this phenomena as evidence and proof that Einstein was correct. What we would say is that Einstein was logically correct. We would further point out that the occurrence of gravity lensing is not the issue relative to the subject of unification. What is at issue is why it is true. Mode shifting all of the various factors yields the same phenomena but the source of truth across the different EIMs is different. We then simply ask which of those scenarios closes to unification? We grind all of that through Elegant Reasonism and the only [real] answer comes back denoting The Emergence Model. Which is no great surprise as it is the only EIM which, today, is fully compliant and closes.

Mode Shifting JWST

Mode shifting a considerable volume of astronomical data culminated in an ability to characterize our little part of the unified Universe Bang to Bang. As these insights seep into public consciousness several wondrous things happen, as interpreted under M5, is that the age of the unified Universe becomes unfathomably large and ancient. Even just discussing that tiniest of fractions which is inside our particle horizon is more ancient than most, if not all, scientists considered. Whether material existed beyond our particle horizon was considered unknowable. Here however we are able to infer what lay beyond that boundary. We can not discern detail, but we know that detail exists. Again, as interpreted under M5. Does gravity lensing occur under M5? Absolutely! Looking at some of the factors enabling mode shifting we see gravity mode shifts from warped spacetime to graviton fields. Spacetime as a construct does not exist under M5. Oh horrors, right?! Yes well, it also fixes a great many incongruities and eliminates some theories all together. The inflationary theory was one that was dismantled during the process. On the other hand E.P. Hubble‘s data was vindicated. So there were some concepts resurrected in the process as well. Does this all mean that The Emergence Model is “the” EIM explaining the unified Universe? Sort of, but maybe not always. We would say that M5 closes to unification. If someone else wants to sit down and plow through all the factors needed to penetrate LEEs Gate under Elegant Reasonism in order to develop an incremental EIM to those already recognized then our hat is off to you. It took us almost 20 years to get this far. We’re done. Next…  Now, having said that, if someone does in fact accomplish that feat then that’s fantastic. All it really means is that we now have a plurality of EIMs which close and will only serve to make the utility process of Elegant Reasonism that much stronger. We think that’s pretty cool.

Einstein Letter
Einstein stating his belief that mass is invariant.

We can hear all the people out there now stomping and yelling about all the interferometer experiments. Yet another factor that mode shifts is the constant ‘c’. That constant mode shifts from meaning ‘the speed of light’ to that of Severance under M5. Now, consider the concept of Rapidity (e.g. EMCS01: Concept 0168) and how that factor mode shifts. Read properly, under M5, Rapidity becomes velocity over Severance; which makes perfect common sense. Once you understand what Severance is. What is even more amazing is that when we see it in that context we start seeing that equation absolutely everywhere across physics. Look at how Einstein discusses mass!! In his explanation to Lincoln Barnett 19 June 1948 he essentially uses Rapidity squared in his equation.

We have all been staring at clues from across science that all this is the path forward. From LEE’s Empiricism Trap to LEEs themselves. If there was something someone had to pin their finger on identifying what took us so long to recognize all this we might point to the maturity of information sciences and human physiology inherently setting humanity up for commission of LEEs. It is our nature to think of the things we hold in our hands as ultimate reality rather than abstractions furnished to us through our Central Nervous Systems (CNS) to our brains.

What is incredible penetrating all these various issues is that we can now see as we look and when we do, what we see is the unified Universe. Integrated in that way we now have conversational capability we have never had prior to the advent of Elegant Reasonism. Then as these concepts settle a bit there is a great deal more to consider when the unification light bulb once again illuminates and you recognize that unification demands the integration of everything real, and there are somethings that are simply restful and require a great deal of contemplation and pursuit through the process and framework of Elegant Reasonism.

As we contemplate the unified Universe we realize it is a great deal older and a great deal larger than we ever expected. JWST will bring online new capabilities not only in the exploration of galactic expansion but in terms of basic concepts. New phenomena classes are becoming evident through these exercises as well. This is all still very nascent so please bear with us as we (collective we) bring this online and drive the inevitable maturity to follow.

What JWST Will Confirm

As the JWST data flows in it is going to confirm the existence of late development galaxies in locations incongrous with their locations. The reason is that M1 proponents (e.g. those firmly ensnared in LEEs Empiricism Trap) have essentially painted themselves into a corner. For a variety of reasons they believe the universe to be 13.8 billion years old. The interpretative lenses they have been using are based on a 1905 logical interpretation (e.g. rationalization) of results from the then previous decade of results from interfereometer experiments. While those experiments and the rationalizations that followed are in fact logically correct, they do not, nor will they ever close to unification. All of which we have explained elsewhere on this website. Despite our having published our materials for quite sometime now, most scientists have chosen to ignore it. Be that as it may, it will never change truth as a function of the unified Universe. They’ll just have to catch up. The cogent description of M5 yields a perspective on the unified Universe ultimately suggesting that the unified Universe is unfathomably large but it is ancient in the extreme, and no matter how big or powerful a telescope is brought online it will never prove anything other than that. The reason is simple, those answers lay beyond our particle horizon. The best the JWST team can ever hope for is increased resolution of what lay within our particle horizon. See our Bang to Bang page for additional information.

What is important here is that civilization has a utility process and framework supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe and it is capable of mode shifting what it is we thought we knew into alignment with that unified Universe. Sourcing truth in this way is more important than most realize. We have been experimentally training an AI system on sourcing truth in this way not just for humanity but for all AI systems and those results are also elsewhere on this website. The point is that it was able to scan the body of our work, after we trained it, and it came to exactly the same conclusions as we did. We would also point out that it had access to our entire User Library, including our NASA reference materials. We believe that is a pretty compelling case for Elegant Reasonism. The fact that the JWST team is only finding examples that suggest we’ve been correct all along helps a great deal and we are grateful for that.


Part of the issue here is that the strategic issue is philosophical in nature rather than scientific. What we mean by that is the instrument itself was constructed by people committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) and it goes without saying that very likely none of them could fathom the unified Universe when the device was fabricated. Though we did send the team leadership emails suggesting a broader approach, but those fell on deaf minds. Be that as it may we are where we are.

  • Inventory objects which should not be where they are found absent elaborate explanation, for example: BX442
  • Separate logical and real systems and phenomena, know that something may be simultaneously true under multiple EIMs, for example Gravitational Lensing
  • Demand and Require full, standards based compliance with the unified Universe and while we don’t care how you get there, we will argue any other approach is a derivative of our process and framework
  • Keep everything simple to the point of elegance

Next Steps

For our part, SOLREI will continue to develop our core processes and technologies. We are setting up meetings with different concerns with an objective and goal to bring what we have developed more powerfully to civilization. How that manifests is yet to be determined, but we can share that we have a broad view and a powerful business plan that engages the spectrum of the global economy. We are aware of recent concerns and echo many that other business leaders have expressed. We will also share that we have been aware of many of those well over a decade and we have solutions for many if not most of those too, but implementation requires operationalization of our plan in some form. Immediately there is enough material already online and available through our network presence for anyone, anywhere, to begin their journey to the precipice of unification. You need only engage.

We humans are amazing in how we so easily set aside incongruity in information. So many succumb to one stage or another dealing with grief (e.g. coping with all this may trigger grief). We very strongly encourage all key influencers and leadership teams to employ transformational skills rolling all this out across your groups and organizations. “Staying present” skills will be extremely valuable in communicating across teams, groups and peers. The inability to employ a common geometric basis point for example, or fully coupling reference frames as another. Many will transition through industry standard stages of grief coping with the paradigm shits which ensue during the journey to the precipice enabling them to perceive and engage the unified Universe. It may not be an easy journey for some if not many, but if they truly wish to experience those wonders when they see images from not just the JWST but any similar system it is a journey they must make.

We look forward to your mode shifted insights!


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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: