Galactic AccelerationGalactic Acceleration

Mode Shifting Galactic Acceleration

Not until we were able to reverse engineer the explanation which reflected the unified Universe Bang to Bang did we understand this. What continues to amaze even us in all of this is that every time we think of something that will break Elegant Reasonsism we wind up strengthening either the utility process, the framework or The Emergence Model because the totality all dovetails.

We were quite surprised investigating the architecture of Gravitons to find them polarized high mass to low mass. Polarization was something normally associated with electromagnetism. We had never thought about it in terms of gravity before. Even more surprising was the polar shift which occurs at distance from Gravitational anchor points. This essentially presents like poles between all galaxies and like electromagnetism, like poles repel one another. Hence we have galactic acceleration. The Hubble Space Telescope team is reporting that galactic acceleration is occurring faster than they expected and this surprises us not in the slightest. It does not because Gravitons, under M5, are a low order construct and a composite constituent in most configurations of architectural mass.

Bang to Bang Implications

When we look at the unified Universe holistically then, under M5 and mode shift various aspects; what we seem to find is that this scenario establishes what amounts to a spawning ground. Supermassive black holes form super galaxies and as they accelerate away from each other they establish very high Rapidity rates. This in turn establishes the baseline scenario for the Big Bang, as defined under M5, to happen all over again somewhere else. Everywhere we look we see these phenomena taking place. Only under M5, because of Elegant Reasonsism do these things make common sense and that they all dove tail with other fully compliant concepts only serves to make this all the more powerful an insight.



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By Charles McGowen

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