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There is in professional science circles something called “peer review”. On occasion one might see images of the 1911 Solvay Conference circulated but the history here is making a point worth remembering relative to how civilization is being organized. Solvay Conferences gathered to discuss science of the day by Ernest Solvay. This first conference was notable. Solvay himself was known for creating what is now called the Solvay Chemical process to produce soda ash. He never went to university. His patents funded the gathering of these various scientists. At the time of his attendance at this first conference Einstein was a patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland.

1911 Solvay Conference
1911 Solvay Conference

Photograph of the first conference in 1911 at the Hotel Metropole. Seated (L–R): W. Nernst, M. Brillouin, E. Solvay, H. Lorentz, E. Warburg, J. Perrin, W. Wien, M. Curie, and H. Poincaré. Standing (L–R): R. Goldschmidt, M. Planck, H. Rubens, A. Sommerfeld, F. Lindemann, M. de Broglie, M. Knudsen, F. Hasenöhrl, G. Hostelet, E. Herzen, J. H. Jeans, E. Rutherford, H. Kamerlingh Onnes, A. Einstein and P. Langevin. There are some of history’s greatest minds in this image and the ultimate point here is intended to acknowledge their contributions in celebration and for no other purpose or intent. The insights from many of these great minds are acknowledged contributors to what ultimately accomplished unification.


History requires an honest account in order to convey its lessons to progeny of civilization. Knowledge assurance and integrity are important to be sure. No one though must rest on their laurels, or necessarily their credentials. Senior management in global enterprise are notorious for stating: ‘yes but what have you done for me today?’

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Part of the point of this article is about the flow of ideas. John Archibald Wheeler famously upset many across science when he said: “We all know that the real reason universities have students is to educate the professors”. Any critical review of the history of contracts between professors and institutionalized education centers will demonstrate the Chinese Walls and knowledge barriers between students, professors, institutions, and then the stakeholders of those institutions. The business of education is a messy industry and spans some of the most powerful enterprises and families on Earth. Academic journals and books are controlled by a relatively few publishing houses. The little secret about this image is that at the time Albert Einstein attended this conference he was not yet a professor. That he was still a patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland was a point not lost in my introduction video below.  Kathy did a good job unraveling the history of how Einstein even got in this picture in the first place. Part of what is not discussed anywhere are the changes by those publishing houses of who does and who does not get published there. Had those houses not published Einstein’s papers Nernst would never have heard about them and history would be very different. Richard P Feynman was oft to say “there’s always room at the bottom”. Sometimes he was talking about scale and sometimes he was suggesting that we listen to students and others outside what might be considered the normal bastions of institutionalized thinking. And here we remind the reader that Einstein during the time of this conference was an Entrepreneur and not a Professor. This circumstance is something accreditation agencies would do well to remember.

The Problem

Civilization has been caught in a logic trap of epic proportions exactly because of several factors conspiring together to ensnare pretty much everyone on Earth. Langer Epistemology Errors are those nasty mistakes that happen when we mistake abstractions for actual reality. What happened because large numbers of people innocently committed such errors, because our physiology essentially predisposes us down that path, was that peer groups and institutionalized thinking all fell prey to the same logic trap. Human physiology is the common thread of the traditional epistemologies.  Contractual relationships between institutions, enterprises, and power brokers conspired in a way that created knowledge barriers which precluded inspiration. Einstein once said that the only thing which interferes with his learning was his education. What happens when established groups (e.g. birds of a feather) stop listening to entrepreneurial thinking? What happens is those metaphorical birds become sardines gathering into a bait ball just waiting for pelagic entrepreneurial predators is what happens.

The Challenge

The Question is not how we got here but where do we go from here. Historically humans have asked questions as a function of our physiology. What I mean by that is that we humans are guided by our senses and perceptions as provided for by our central nervous systems and brains. Elegant Reasonism forces us to set those aside and essentially look at reality objectively. The challenge today demands we integrate entrepreneurial thinking. We need something similar to an Open Source approach to what it is we all think we know. The approach we took with Elegant Reasonism was to make the General Use License free to humanity for all purely academic purposes. The commercial license only comes into play when Elegant Reasonism results in any revenue exchange. We only make money if we help others to do the same. We are looking for win/win/win solutions. The challenge then gets back to circumventing or penetrating the problems.

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Universal Truth

Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology supported by an analytical framework which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and it is that utility process which made manifest The Emergence Model. Noting the point Kathy illuminates in her video at the top of this article about when referencing Einstein’s work began to take place is important for two reasons. One is that those references took place at a time in history long before the network matured. Traditionally knowledge flowed through institutionalized bastions of learning and associations, agencies, and groups. The second point  about references historically seeks to be pulled into knowledge centers in celebration. One of the alternatives presented acknowledges that entrepreneurial thinking is often not gratified in the same manner as traditional groups. If we turn the historical approach to references around we find something akin to those pelagic predators hunting bait balls. Elegant Reasonism is a disruptive technology for all the reasons cited In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact.

Process & Methods

Elegant Reasonism’s path to epistemology is supported by its standards based approach to its processes & methods. Feynman points out here in this video that science can not discern the distinctions between his example of theory A and theory B, but Elegant Reasonism may hold a science based answer to that particular problem in the form of a question. Root cause analysis associated with this particular scenario is a fascinating historical subject because at the time Feynman made this video the scientific community was not aware of Langer Epistemology Errors. Even today the bulk of scientists and engineers around the world are not cognizant of the implications abstractions hold. Asking about the affinity those theories have to the unified Universe provides a set of insights that strike back at the detail set associated with the EIMs manifesting the evidence chains where we may then also validate those evidence chains relative to and respective of the unified Universe rather than the EIM producing them via the analytics of Elegant Reasonism.

Today there is something of a schism that exists between philosophy and science originally caused by a wedge created through empirical epistemological thinking. Empiricism essentially bases truth on shared human experience, but that experience is intrinsic to the physiology which produces it and this is where Susanne K Langer’s insights are vitally important. We must approach the subject of unification from a holistic approach. I make this statement in hindsight because it was not possible to see from the other way around exactly because our thinking obfuscated perception of those details. One can not perceive one EIM from within the constraints of another EIM. It’s a bit like being in a hall of mirrors. That’s one reason Elegant Reasonism is as disruptive as it is to global economics and enterprises. Ardent deniers will never see competitors wielding Elegant Reasonism until its too late. It is for these and many more reasons that Elegant Reasonism is structured as it is and demands a plurality of EIMs (one which must close to unification) in order to illuminate and illustrate manifestation of any given set of Paradigms of Interest/Nature (POI/N).



Impending Free Market Carnage

As soon as pockets deep enough to comprehend the full implications of Elegant Reasonism the onslaught will begin to unfold. Elegant Reasonism is a fundamental game changer. What is impressive about it is that it does not take deep pockets to comprehend. The only question is whether or not you individually believe your pockets are that deep. Your perception of what you can and can not accomplish are yours alone. Henry Ford used to say it does not matter whether you believe you can or can not accomplish something, either way you are right. Those individuals and leaders who are ensnared and otherwise shackled to status quo thinking through commission of Langer Epistemology Errors are about to have their proverbial heads handed to them on a silver platter and worse they are about to take their shareholders along for the sleigh ride. In Unification’s Wake, Part 03: Communications details the challenges in effective communications due in large part exactly to these various issues and just as consequently they will likely never comprehend In Unification’s Wake Part 4: Relatedness of the various issues to which they will ultimately succumb.

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The single most important question you can ask yourself is “can the basis of my thinking close to unification?” If your answer to that question is ‘no’, then you have a great deal of work to do. Your paradigms are your own and no one can shift them but you. Do not be fooled by past successes. For those entrenched in bastions of institutionalized thinking and positing all sorts of euphemisms about “reputable sources”, I remind you of the 1911 Solvay Conference and the fact that at that conference Einstein was an entrepreneur not a professor at the time, yet he was present for that photograph at the top of this article. That should give you great pause for reflection not just on the source of inspiration but how you deal with it in your own daily lives. If you think all the modern advances and technologies have created in civilizations mean something akin to certainty then you are about to be resoundingly trounced. Carl Sagan‘s Baloney Detection Kit is powerful and we did not mode shift it for idle curiosity. We mode shifted the Baloney Detection Kit so others might see as they look that they might just be wearing the shoes they believed were on someone else’s feet. There is a 2000 year old parable that comes to mind.

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Entrepreneurial thinking almost always comes from outside any given bastion of institutionalized thinking be it in academics, enterprise, industry or daily business. That’s one reason businesses seek to install “barriers to entry” in their given market niches and it is also why regulators impose the rules and regulations they to in order to assure competition is not thwarted. Competition breeds innovation. In this particular case though it is handing powerful competitive weapons to those who are not prepared for the inevitable business dynamics outlined In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact. Elegant Reasonism should be wielded with compassion, empathy, and strong ethics. The warning to deniers and apathetic is to suit up with a healthy dose of courage and intrepidity and get ready for a roller coaster ride of paradigm shifts because nothing you do will prevent them from coming. Lewis Grizzard once stated that: “the scenery only changes for the lead dog”. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Elegant Reasonism is gaining traction and momentum worldwide. At this point there is no stopping it. We anxiously await to see how civilization mode shifts its insights from the precipice able to perceive and engage the unified Universe.

Network Ideas

Cite sources, link materials, integrate thinking and present your conclusions to the largest peer group possible: humanity. The network is perfect for such activities. The unified Universe will sort the wheat from the chaff. In the end this is about science not a popularity contest. Elegant Reasonism employs standards for a reason and it is so others may credibly follow, perceive and learn so they may too engage the unified Universe. We must be very careful that the institutionalized bastions of education do not build walls so tight they eliminate inspired participation and engagement. Ideas and moments of inspiration know no bounds or territory. They usually happen in entrepreneurial moments.

Question Everything

Susanne K Langer noted that with new insights come a whole new world of questions. Elegant Reasonism allows us to engage even when the fundamenta parameters establishing foundational context are in flux. Elegant Reasonism holds the unified Universe litmus against every effort. So far, it has not only retained its resilience it has strengthened. So much so that the USPTO published our application on 26 November 2020 and our press release is here.

Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) are a power to be reckoned with. The utility process that is Elegant Reasonism has rules which bring a halt to goal post moving and arbitrary tweaking of parameters in favor of strategic moves that are quantified and codified in order that their systemic implications be captured and understood.

We Did This To Ourselves

Historically human centered importance began internally trying to understand ourselves. We moved to circles around campfires, then groups, then towns, then cities, then nations, then our planet, then our solar system, and now we pause to reflect on that little blue dot. Make as much noise as you wish because Voyager at this distance can not hear you. What matters now is how we direct the collective action of civilization.

The image behind this message was at the behest of Carl Sagan who asked the Voyager mission managers if they could turn that spacecraft around and take a picture of home and then to send us that image. That is the source of this image. That image made many feel infinitesimally small and insignificant. When we developed the Bang to Bang article we had that same feeling but on a much grander stage. The implication was clear; what we saw from the WMAP data was only the merest fraction of all that is. That the majority of all that is lay well beyond our particle horizon and that doesn’t just mean we do not know anything about it. It means we will never know anything about it. All of that then makes the sense conveyed by the Pale Blue Dot image pale in comparison. We now have the foundations In Unification’s Wake, Part 04: Relatedness to epistemologically find truth as a function of the unified Universe. Let us not stand on credential, past laurels or even past successes. Let us credibly push the envelope and increase our ability to perceive and engage the unified Universe.

Our little mote of dust is precious and every life on it is as well. Petty self-centered points of view are utterly a distraction and complete waste of time and resources. Such individuals need to get over themselves. The task at hand now is mode shifting what it is we think we know into alignment with the unified Universe. How that operates has just been rejuvenated in one way and savagely curtailed in others. Limits may have been dismantled, but there are now obstacles we never envisioned. We may have reconciled the Drake Equation with the Fermi Paradox all of which has given new appreciation for the Kepler data suggesting Dyson Sphere’s. All in all, our eyes are more open than they’ve ever been and most illuminating of all is the image we have of ourselves.

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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2439-1707