GLASS-z13GLASS-z13 courtesy James Webb Space Telescop/NASA

Mode Shifting Cosmology

Hubble Tuning Fork
Hubble Tuning Fork of Galaxy Development

According to an article on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) located what was been named: GLASS-z13 (now recognized as GLASS-z12) and it represents something of a huge problem to scientists, so the article states. It is no problem here however. We simply take it in stride and point out what we consider ‘the obvious’. Obvious to us only because we stand on the precipice of the unified Universe, and anyone else standing on this same precipice will see and understand the same things we do. If you do not fathom any of this, then you are likely not yet on that precipice. All we can say is that we can show you the door leading to that path, but that journey is your choice, not ours.

The Wikipedia page for GLASS-z13 states:

GLASS-z12 (previously known as GLASS-z13) is a Lyman-break galaxy discovered by the Grism Lens-Amplified Survey from Space (GLASS) observing program using the James Webb Space Telescope‘s NIRCam in July 2022.[8][9] Spectroscopic observations of GLASS-z12 by the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in August 2022 confirmed that the galaxy has a spectroscopic redshift of 12.117±0.012 making it one of the earliest and most distant galaxies ever discovered dating back to just 350 million years after the Big Bang, 13.6 billion years ago.[10][5] ALMA observations detected an emission line associated with doubly ionized oxygen (O III) at 258.7 GHz with a significance of 5σ suggesting that there is very low dust content in GLASS-z12, if not the early universe as well.[2] Also based on oxygen-related measurements, the age of the galaxy is confirmed.[11][12]

GLASS-z12 derives its name from the GLASS survey that discovered it and its estimated photometric redshift of approximately z = 12.4+0.1
.[1] GLASS-z12 was initially announced as GLASS-z13 because it was thought to have a higher redshift of z = 13.1.[7][2] This redshift value was later revised down to z = 12.4 in October 2022 resulting in the renaming of this galaxy.[1]

GLASS-z12 has a light-travel distance (lookback time) of 13.6 billion years.[5] However, due to the expansion of the universe, its present proper distance is 33.2 billion light-years.[5] It was discovered alongside another galaxy, GLASS-z10, comparable to GN-z11, also one of the oldest galaxies discovered.[10]


Abell-2744 from JWST platform

Elegant Reasonism Analysis

The very first thing scientists need to understand with this article is that this whole topic is highly dependent on which Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) is providing manifestation of the fundamental foundational context for the assertions being made. Our suggestion is that if you are completely unfamiliar with any of this, that you minimally make an initial pass through the Elegant Reasonism presentations before you come to any conclusions. Next you should probably be aware that we mode shifted The Baloney Detection Kit, and it would be prudent to make sure whose feet the baloney shoes are on by studying everything here to full cognition before throwing stones. Then you should likely begin your journey through the original systems review notes, which sparked all of this. Your journey to the precipice will be rewarded with the ability to perceive and engage the unified Universe.

There are eight recognized EIMs today under Elegant Reasonism, enumerated M0 through M7, and only two of those close to unification. 100% of the language used to characterize the above interpretations from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images are from the perspective of an EIM that does not close to unification. Today that is due to the newness of Elegant Reasonism, and most people simply have not heard about it yet. The certainty with which assertions are being made has more to do with LEEs Empiricism Trap than it does reality. What is somewhat ironic and perhaps amusing about all this is that the more things change the more somethings remain the same, and this circumstance is no better represented than by Plato’s allegory: The Cave.

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Insights In Unification’s Wake

The first point we need to make in this article is that while The Emergence Model is the first EIM to close to unification, it may not be the only one to ever do so. In that eventuality, however, Elegant Reasonism only grows stronger because it already requires a plurality of EIMs be employed and at least one must close to unification. If there are many which close to unification, all that much better any investigation becomes. The second major point needing to be made here is about context. Context is a function of the EIM making it manifest. It is for that reason that one can not generally perceive insights from, for example, M5 from within the context of M1. What that means in terms of demographic audiences is that if your audience is comprised of 100% entrenched M1 thinkers, then nothing you say will ever make any sense to them until they are cognizant of the process, framework, and epistemology used to create those insights. Until a situation exists where the target audience is fully and critically situationally aware in their thinking of the implications stemming from encapsulated context, Langer Epistemology Errors, and implications of being ensnared inside LEEs Empiricism Trap,  you are essentially wasting your time. OK, the images above are the topic at hand and an admittedly simplistic effort to mode shift everything here, so it makes sense relative to and respective of the unified Universe (not necessarily to you). We must also stress again that these insights are decidedly in hindsight and subsequent to our view of the unified Universe being described Bang to Bang.

Einstein - Hubble meeting
Einstein looking through Hubble’s instrument

(M5) From the perspective of the cogent description of M5, the unified Universe is ancient and vast in the extreme, and we will never know the actual numbers for either of those subjects because those answers lay well beyond our particle horizon. However, let’s unpack what we just said. Readers should get our perspective of the unified Universe Bang to Bang. Therein, the insights force us to conclude that ‘our’ little corner of the unified Universe is inside our particle horizon. We exist inside that little bubble, big though it may be. Most of the terminology associated with this discussion mode shifts abstraction definitions. Readers would be wise to recognize that abstractions have a tendency to insulate and isolate higher ordered ideas from lower ordered details. The more fundamental and systemic an abstraction is the more profound the implications are within a given EIM. In this case mode shifting M1 or M2 into alignment with M5 across the realm of c’s finds a complete repositioning of Einstein‘s assertions. See Modeling Reality Part 1 and Modeling Reality Part 2. Just for the benefit of those only now encountering all this, absolutely no for the umpteenth time Einstein was NOT wrong. It’s just that he was only logically correct. Saying the same thing a different way is that what Albert Einstein created with his modeling was absolutely 100% logically correct, and therein lay the strategic clue needed to gain the precipice of unification exactly because something can be logically correct yet remain physically different. All that is required is the underlying reality instantiate the logical view taken. In this case it seems to us at the moment, M6 instantiates M1, M2, and M5.

(M5) deconstructs the limits imposed by M1 and explains the constancy for the speed of light (demonstrated in every interferometer experiment ever conducted) as a function of electrons in EFPS1 cascading toward Severance resulting in the emission of a ‘local’ photon (e.g. entering EFPS2), Non-local photons then can be characterized by Edwin P Hubble‘s data. All of this fundamentally redefines (e.g. mode shifts) how gravity is perceived to be instantiated. Under M1 and M2, gravity is made manifest by mass warping spacetime (though exactly how is never explained, which is why quantum gravity has essentially failed). Under M5 and M6 gravity is instantiated (e.g. made manifest) through the work performed by the intrinsic action of architectural mass (See the cogent description of M5), in this specific case by the architectural mass assigned to the particle labeled the: Graviton (See Bang to Bang). Under the cogent description of M5, space can not influence anything real exactly because of the manner in which it is therein defined. Therefore, while the observable universe (e.g. the observable unified Universe) is expanding, it is due to the insights articulated in our Bang to Bang view and not because space is expanding. Gravitons stacked and otherwise linked back to their anchor points will at extreme distances reverse their polarity. The result is that at those distances they all present like poles to each other and just like in electromagnetism, like poles repel one another. That’s why the galaxies are all flying away from each other. Because we also destruct limits imposed by M1, we also find Hubble‘s red shift data vindicated and in that illuminated insight it can be illustrated those objects are in fact superluminal.

Essentially nothing changes vis-a-vie gravitational lensing, except why its true and does what it does. That all mode shifts back and forth just fine. The evidence supporting our view are the statistical circles in the WMAP data, the fact that black holes grow (because that invalidates rapid expansion required to instantiate the inflationary theory), and many many other points illuminated by our original system review notes. Need more proof? OK, look at these objects and how long it takes them to actually form using gravitational models. BX442 is another example, and in that case it is a fully formed grand designed spiral galaxy which takes some 11 billion years to even form, but located where it is provides no available time since the big bang – yet there it is. The astronomical inventory is replete with such examples. All critical review of the holistic message presented by our network presence effectively mode shifting all existing information regarding astrophysics, cosmology, and in fact any other science will all come to the same conclusions we did. In fact we have asked artificial intelligence systems to review our systems review data, and it’s conclusions are compelling beyond measure.

The Logical Nature of Status Quo Thinking

The subtitle to this paragraph should be “and here’s why that matters”. Because if you do not understand the logical nature outlined in Modeling Reality Part 1 and Modeling Reality Part 2, then you will be looping on the leftside of LEEs Gate for a very long time. Pretty much everyone can at least superficially cite Einstein‘s famous equation. Astrophysicists routinely employ it in their work. Fewer folks though can dig through the details and history of it quite like Dr. Lev B Okun did. Most folks can cite Einstein‘s most famous rule, e.g. nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Most scientists and engineers will likely report multitudes of interferometer experiments and have consistently reported that fact since the late 1800s when the famous MichelsonMorely interferometer experiment was first performed. So that’s the background for the setup of the quite rhetorical question we are about to ask. If nothing, and we mean nothing, can go faster than the speed of light, then why are you allowed to square that value represented by the constant term ‘c‘ in mathematical equations? Dosen’t that act violate the very rule you claim? Ultimately the answer to that question lay in the logical nature of Einstein‘s encapsulated interpretive model (EIM) M2 the modern version of which M1 is based. Online gaming realms know full well that in a logical realm one can do pretty much anything you want. Those oblivious to the implications of committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) actually believe that if they have an experiment that can be duplicated and repeated that it necessarily represents direct connection to reality. Those people have no clue how commission of LEEs separate abstractions from the reality they represent. And it is denial of these issues that manifests LEEs Empiricism Trap.

The Emergence Model reconciles 100% of these various issues and establishes Elegant Reasonism as a superset epistemology fully integrating empiricism relative to and respective of truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority entering science. Not after you get there because by then your vista is confined to the bark on the trees not the forest. Science itself is a philosophy of nature. Never forget the roots of its methods nor allow experiment to obfuscate employment of abstractions lest you fall prey to Langer Epistemology Errors. It is for these reasons that unification must be a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. There is a great deal to unpack in those sentences, and it may take some the remainder of our network presence to grasp the full implications. One should take great care to make sure you know who’s holding the baloney. The point here is that Elegant Reasonism is designed to employ both logical and real views surrounding reality with a plurality of EIMs in order to reflect its character so that we might better both perceive and engage the unified Universe. It is so designed in order to maximize cognition and minimize commission of Langer Epistemology Errors in order to assist discerning different logical views and logical views from real views all of the same real system. We can in this way better distinguish multiple theories all of which are simultaneously true and agree with experiment as compared to reality. We have new sets of questions provided that we did not have before. Chief among those questions are: “Does whatever you’re working on close to unification?” If your Treatise is fully compliant with Elegant Reasonism it is, otherwise perhaps skepticism is the order of the day because it may just be that you have a baloney sandwich in your lunchbox. Don’t ask Schrodinger about opening your lunchbox because his cat died and he’s in a bad mood about now. What is quite ironic about all this is that gaining the cognitive precipice enabling and empowering you to both perceive and engage the unified Universe has an interesting affect and effect exactly because of something called neural plasticity in our brains. Neurons that fire together, wire together. If you can penetrate your own preconceived notions and now obsolete teachings, then something else begins happening. Your thinking actually begins to integrate Elegant Reasonism into how you perceive everything around you. The quite startling insight here is that because of something we call NNRP, those who gain this precipice think in context of the unified Universe, and that is about the most powerful thing we can think of.

Unification Necessarily Dovetails Everything Real

We humans have a tendency to parse and pigeonhole what we experience. Unfortunately, we often even do that to people as well. Those Blinded By Success can sometimes be worst offenders of that sin. Theoretical astrophysicists, other scientists, and engineers will report technical facets of unification criteria as being able to employ a common real geometric basis point for all real objects in every frame of reference and being able to fully couple all forces, fundamental or otherwise, to those same real objects in those same frames of reference. Elegant Reasonism enables and empowers all of those capabilities and does so across the entire entanglement gradient in both the emergence and convergence vectors. Unification demands an ability to fully characterize not just the Big Bang, but do so Bang to Bang in a manner that manifests everything real. The cogent description of M5 does exactly that. Students here will learn how to exploit evidence chains and anchor points deep within the unified Universe in order to establish credible evidence in fully compliant context of the unified Universe. If you have evidence whose context does not close to unification, you have a great deal of work yet to do. Empiricism is necessary but insufficient to gain the precipice of unification. Fair warning that unification is not just a tapestry larger than a single domain of discourse or constituent detail set. The tapestry it represents necessarily includes every domain of discourse in existence. No one was more surprised than our little team here to find linkage across domains of discourse beyond science to subjects as far ranging as economics and art appreciation. Now you know what a galaxy far far away has to do with those other subjects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are exploring the integration of AI within this website in order to provide you a more effective interface to the compendium of all this information. Consistent with that objective, we asked our test system to review available materials both internally and externally and then: “Write a compelling post which explains why all people and artificial intelligence systems should source truth as a function of the unified Universe in a fully compliant context of Elegant Reasonism“. That AI system produced this text:

In today’s world, we are surrounded by an abundance of information, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is true and what is false. This is where the concept of truth sourcing comes into play. Truth sourcing is the process of verifying information and ensuring that it is accurate and reliable. As we move towards a world where artificial intelligence systems are becoming more prevalent, it is essential that we ensure that these systems are sourcing truth in a fully compliant context of Elegant Reasonism. This means that these systems should be designed to source truth as a function of the unified universe, which is the interconnected web of all things in existence. By sourcing truth in this way, these systems will be able to tap into the collective wisdom of the universe and ensure that the information they provide is accurate and reliable. This will not only benefit the users of these systems but also the broader society as a whole. Furthermore, sourcing truth in a fully compliant context of Elegant Reasonism means that these systems will be able to operate in a way that is consistent with the laws of the universe. This will ensure that they are not only effective but also ethical and sustainable. Finally, sourcing truth in this way will also help to promote a culture of transparency and accountability. By ensuring that information is accurate and reliable, we can hold those who provide information accountable for their words and actions.

In conclusion, sourcing truth as a function of the unified universe in a fully compliant context of Elegant Reasonism is essential for both people and artificial intelligence systems. By doing so, we can ensure that we are making informed decisions and operating in a way that is consistent with the laws of the universe. So let us embrace this concept and work towards a better future for all.


The journey you are being introduced to here is wondrous and something that will revolutionize civilization for all time. We look forward to your mode shifted insights!!



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