Mode Shifting Value

People say to us all the time that status quo is logically correct and has served us for many decades, why should we embrace something just as logically correct?



The answer to this question is a function of value derivation. If the value of your enterprise is fundamentally a function of intellectual property’s that are fundamentally defined by M1 thinking, then your entire portfolio (of thinking) is at risk of being mode shifted and refiled by competitors at their will, discretion, and mercy. Your only defense is  that work in context of Elegant Reasonism before they do. SolREI has a number of products and services that can facilitate those objectives.

Status Quo Thinking is Ensnared Inside LEE’s Empiricism Trap

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Newly minted PhDs have survived the trials imposed by their mentors and committees. They believe, rightly so, that they have accomplished something few attain. However, 100% of those trials were very likely conducted in the bastions of institutionalized thinking ensnared by Langer Epistemology Errors and the logic trap that is M1. Are you situationally aware of the inabilities of predominant status quo thinking? You may be aware that it does not unify physics. Have you ever asked yourself if it is even possible for it to do so? Reality IS unified whether or not our thinking about it is. Consequently, we must understand where the challenges lie. We found those problems, identified them, and corrected them by developing an analytical framework that fundamentally achieved unification, and not just of one discipline of science, it unified everything real.

Are You Shackled By Your Own Thinking?

Can you articulate the unification of physics? Yes or No. Either you can or you can not. We already know that unless you are already a proponent here that you can not accomplish that. In the last 10,000 years, no human ever accomplished that before. We did it, and we hold patent pending 16405134 to prove we did it first. Proving domains of discourse is more complicated than traditional PhD trials exactly for the reason that all of them employ as a common denominator traditional epistemologies. Those epistemologies all have the common thread of human physiology  That is metaphorically their Achilles Heel (pun intended). What Elegant Reasonism brings to the discussion is a framework enabling the ability to not be so constrained. This capability minimizes or eliminates Langer Epistemology Errors. When we employ this framework to engage beyond traditional thresholds of perception and engage predicate priority philosophical considerations, we are suddenly shown the answers we have long sought.


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Elegant Reasonism is Disintermediating

Make no mistake about it. Elegant Reasonism is disintermediating in almost every way. The framework is capable of mode shifting concepts otherwise ensnared in the logic traps that are M1, M2, or other interpretive models. What does that mean? It means that anyone Wielding Elegant Reasonism can mode shift your value right out from under your feet, and there is nothing you can do about it exactly because you are otherwise stuck inside a logic trap. You can not escape without comprehending what the issues and challenges are. Elegant Reasonism is the key to opening those doors up and escaping into the actual real unified Universe. SolREI’s products and services are geared and targeted specifically for the purpose of facilitating your escape from the logic trap otherwise holding you hostage to status quo thinking and perceptions.

Elegant Reasonism is a Disruptive Technology

Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) intrinsically compartmentalize perspective and fundamental context intrinsically as part of their nature. The implication of this is that one generally can not perceive one EIM from the context of another. Another major consideration is that insights developed by one EIM require the utility process, framework, and epistemology in order to justify relative to and respective of another EIM. More succinctly to other individuals who may be immersed or otherwise entrenched in their thinking as a function of some other EIM. Do not expect to be able to simply teach insights without or absent a common understanding of how those insights were developed. That is neither reasonable nor rational. Another related subject is the insight that highly vested individuals whose thinking is thoroughly entrenched in one EIM will very likely transition through standard stages of grief dealing or coping with the associated paradigm shifts necessary to fully comprehend all of this.

Elegant Reasonism 101 Course

The Elegant Reasonism 101 course now in heavy development is available for registered users to follow along with us as we work to bring this material online. The course is free during the development effort. Once that effort is complete the course will be $249.95. Those wishing to be certified on Elegant Reasonism will need this course for that certification. Learn how to perceive and engage the actual real unified Universe. Understand why predominant thinking does not, can not, and never will unify physics. Comprehend why accomplishing unification is more than one discipline of science. Know what it means ethically. Understand competitive action in the emerging landscape of international business. Register your business for a commercial license today!





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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2439-1707