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SolREI Solution to the US National Debt

The solution to reconciling the United States National Debt is growing the US economy and increasing global trust in the US Dollar. Our publication One Pilgrim’s Wish for Earth, released in 2006 articulates part of a strategy we remain committed to. The strategy though is now larger than just that. Our strategic recommendation is to embrace and integrate Elegant Reasonism to revolutionize not only US enterprise but civilization as a whole. ERCUL registered businesses will soon be able to enroll their employees in our Elegant Reasonism 101 course to begin the task of aligning their business planning functions consistent with insights derived from the unified Universe rather than the logic trap that is M1.

The reason the U.S. can not reconcile this issue any other way is directly due to Congressional spending in prior decades. The economy as a whole must grow, and growth depends on new insights. Elegant Reasonism represents new thinking definitely out of the box and certainly not status quo. Register right now as a Learner and on confirmation of your email ID by our system, you will immediately be granted access to the mechanical descriptions for our patent pending 16405134 framework. Businesses desirous of integrating our insights into their revenue generating activities will need to secure a commercial license from us, and we will immediately begin doing what we can to help you perceive and engage the actual real unified Universe. Who needs this license? Those filing a lot of patents. Pharmacology focused enterprises. Big data analysis concerns. Are you in high technology and keep banging your head on brick walls wondering why your results are not more forthcoming? We know why. Contact us right now, and we will illuminate the wall and illustrate the reasons your efforts are not more successful.

US Budget Dilemma

The United States National debt has now exceeded GDP. Do you understand the implications of this situation? This is not a situation where you can spend your way out. New thinking must be injected capable of growing revenues across every sector of the economy. That requires human action to accomplish, and that action requires non-traditional thinking. It requires Elegant Reasonism.

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Quantitative Easing is NOT the Answer

Any suggestion to print more money demonstrates gross ignorance of the economic issues involved across every measurable scale.

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Unification is bigger than any single discipline of science including physics. It requires embracing a larger tapestry, and once done (and we have) it means articulating the framework for thinking and analysis consistent with scientific epistemology. It in fact must represent a net new epistemology exactly because the old methods failed, and we need to comprehend those failures and fix them. We believe we did that, and that’s why our patent pending 16405134 asset was also filed as such. We had to recognize why predominant thinking did not, does not, nor can not achieve unification of physics. Then we had to create the framework that allowed us to conduct a systems review into what it is we all think we know. We did that. Then we had to create a model that does close to unification. We did that too, its called The Emergence Model, and because the framework requires employing at least one model which closes to unification, it was also included in the filing so you don’t have to recreate what we did. Use what we did. Build on it. Make it better. We are in the process of putting our body of work online here. Register and engage it immediately. Free. Our General Use License costs nothing. We only charge fees when you use our insights in revenue generating activities.

Elegant Reasonism Represents Opportunity

Elegant Reasonism, and The Emergence Model holistically represent opportunities across every sector of the global economy. Simply exploring the architectures of mass represents a computing opportunity so large all by itself that such may never come again, ever. Here’s the thing. Predominant thinking represents a logic trap, and we hold the key to getting out of that trap. Yeah we patented that key. No, it isn’t free if you are wanting to use it in any revenue generating activities. That requires a commercial license. Yes, right now we are swamped getting the body of work on the web site, and yes we have lots of technical issues that are urgent, but we are working as fast and hard as we can given the available resources. Anyone wishing to invest in us so we can build out our capability should contact us.

Every enterprise and business be warned. There are seven recognized encapsulated interpretive models of the Universe. Our framework creates a condition to mode shift concepts between these models. What does that mean exactly? Nothing practical maybe. However, if you are in an industry beating your head against a wall and scratching your head wondering why your thinking is not working as successfully as it should, then that is a very strong clue that you need to sit up and pay attention to what we are saying to you. We know why that is happening. Not only do you not comprehend the situation, status quo thinking will never show it to you. You will remain inside that logic trap until you starve. SolREI is now educating all of civilization on our framework. Your competition may learn about Elegant Reasonism faster than you do. The so what about that is exactly this. You may have a patent portfolio. Your historically filed patents are entrenched in status quo thinking. Another way of looking at that is that 100% of them are mired within thinking ensnared inside a logic trap. Anyone, anywhere, wielding Elegant Reasonism under our Commercial License can mode shift your patent into alignment with the unified Universe and refile your patent right out from under your feet, and there won’t be anything you can do about it. Does that light a fire under you to get moving and comprehend what we are saying to you?  It should. Characterization of any delay does not need characterization from us. It’s patently obvious to everyone.

Elegant Reasonism Economic Growth

We are at an unprecedented place in history. Unification has been achieved and it stands poised to revolutionize global enterprise, governments, and how humanity philosophically seeks truth. Elegant Reasonism seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. It is not ‘at scale’ focused on human physiology. Integrating traditional epistemologies it positions them as a function of demonstrable alignment and affinity with any model capable of closing to unification and being fully compliant with what we call the realm of the c’s.  Denial only places you and your entire organization at the mercy of your competition. If someone else mode shifts your portfolio out from under you, you have no one to blame but yourself.

The Quest for Unification is Over

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Elegant Reasonism 101 Course

The Elegant Reasonism 101 course now in heavy development is available for registered users to follow along with us as we work to bring this material online. The course is free during the development effort. Once that effort is complete the course will be $249.95. Those wishing to be certified on Elegant Reasonism will need this course for that certification. Learn how to perceive and engage the actual real unified Universe. Understand why predominant thinking does not, can not, and never will unify physics. Comprehend why accomplishing unification is more than one discipline of science. Know what it means ethically. Understand competitive action in the emerging landscape of international business. Register your business for a commercial license today!


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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: