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SolREI Go To Market Strategy

We are often asked how we are bringing our products, services, and insights to the global market. SolREI is a small company with meager resources and we apply, as we are able, those resources toward maximizing effectiveness we may have in bringing our offerings to market. Our strategy is simple and straight forward. It is to be perseverant, determined, and resilient. We are going to educate the general public about the basics for free. We are going to pull back the curtain that has shackled and constrained thought and critical thinking for the last several millennia. For those wishing purely academic comprehension of what we have accomplished then we will show you the mechanics and explain how it works along the way. Why would we take an intellectual property that is patent pending 16405134 and explain it all to the general public for free? Simple, we want everyone to know 1) that unification has been accomplished, and 2) what it took to accomplish that, and 3) people need to have a foundation in order to understand the inevitable implications that follow.


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The Quest for the Unification of Physics is Over

For those with intellectual intrepidity enough to employ critical thinking to not just watch our introductory video but to reflect deeply on every word, we will explain the underpinnings of Elegant Reasonism, our patent pending 16405134 intellectual asset. There are enough clues in this video that we actually don’t need to say another word. However, we recognize the challenges because we lived them ourselves because getting to the point we could even make this video took some fifteen years. We can’t expect you to snap your fingers or wave a wand and comprehend this as if through magic. Life simply does not work that way and we are not that naive.


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What Unification Critically Means

Scientists all run around espousing ‘Grand Unification Theories’ or ‘Grand Unification Field Theories’, never once fully comprehending what must be required in order to describe what we perceive to be ‘the’ Universe and do so Bang to Bang. Critical thinking demands that if you can do that, then as a matter of principle one must also be able to manifest the philosophy of knowledge that instantiated that awareness. It must be tested using the scientific method. It must survive all tests. It must take what it is we think we already know and leverage it in a way that allows civilization to move forward. Elegant Reasonism has met those challenges with flying colors and is poised to carry us forward for the foreseeable future.

More than something from theoretical science Elegant Reasonism represents a new epistemology, one that aligns with and seeks truth from the actual real unified Universe. Humanity has never, ever, possessed such a powerful tool. It unifies more than one discipline of scientific contemplation, it brings together all of philosophy, including science. All of it, every discipline. And in hindsight should we really expect anything less from this accomplishment? The short answer to that is a resounding ‘No!’

Great Ponds

There are oceans of humanity within a diverse set of cultures across our little blue dot. Any particular one thinking it has the ultimate answer is the height of arrogance. Only the actual real unified Universe has that answer and anyone with patience enough to study the above videos to comprehension will realize that it moves in very subtle ways. Those few who will actually take the time necessary to take that suggestion will also likely realize what we’ve done and how we did it. If those few register with us we will show you the mechanics and details to enchant you to giddiness and satiate your thirst for knowledge.

Metaphorically Gene Splicing Lily Pads and Kudzoo

Our approach is a tried and true knowledge management staple. First we simply let others know that the accomplishment has been made. Press Releases, like this one, accomplish that. Many will read all of this and reflect, with a self-important grin or smirk, ‘yeah sure they did’, and remain in denial. The more open minded and inquisitive will register to get beyond the superficial precipice and empower the links on this page to connect to the foundations underneath. Those people will see not just the dots, but how we connected them. To do that though requires you to register. We are going to familiarize the general public with what we have done and do it for free. Only those who do register will be covered by the Elegant Reasonism General Use License (ERGUL) for our intellectual asset patent pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism accomplishing the task of illuminating all those points of light across the spectrum of humanity. How we are going to do that may be metaphorically described as lily pads. Each one some key paradigm. Some key aspect of interpreting the realm in which we all exist. We are going to show everyone all of the ponds with all of the lily pads everywhere. Everyone will say, look at all those lily pads on all those ponds, and be done with it. Then there are those that will say ‘wait a minute’ how are those all connected? I need more insights to discuss with others? And in that instant they will realize that this asset represents something a great deal more pervasive than lily pads. It represents something every Southern knows about: Kudzoo. Its vines are pervasive and it just goes everywhere and gets into everything and now water doesn’t stop it. It just propagates lily pads too.

Over the some fifteen years the investment we made in our systems review which resulted in patent pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism we developed insights across a great many areas of human endeavor. Over time, as we are able, we will integrate those with the network here and in other places to be sure. The status quo may think all this is a fad or just can’t be correct. To them all we can say is that we did our homework and no, we are not going away. Deny if you must, but know that we hold the worldwide patent.

Strategic Value

The strategic value in this approach is reasonably simple. We only need to explain a given concept once and then we can build on it. Concepts articulated in an Elegant Reasonism compliant approach, conforming to the realm of c’s and allowing development of a Treatise will “click into existing Treatise” across the reach and range of the holistic body of work Elegant Reasonism represents. Never in history has this condition existed prior to Elegant Reasonism. The power this brings to civilization is unheralded. Remember this intellectual asset represents more than processes and methodologies, or technologies. It represents a net new epistemology. One that is required in order to engage the actual real unified Universe. In hind sight it should be clear that no one should expect anything less from any claim of being able to describe everything in our Universe Bang to Bang.


SolREI, Inc created the Elegant Reasonism General Use License (ERGUL) for individual cognition of what patent pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism is. We are happy to explain to anyone, anywhere, what this intellectual asset ‘is’. If anyone wishes to leverage our intellectual property in any revenue generating activity an Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License (ERCUL) will be required. We have tried to position these licenses and the infrastructure instantiating them to be as open and as fair as possible. We only charge a fee to participate in the revenue generation activities that take place. Our patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May 7th, 2019 and we have received patent pending 16405134 status on the intellectual asset we call Elegant Reasonism. As such our intellectual asset is covered by all applicable U.S. law and international treaty.


Everyone certainly wishes we could do all this work faster but until we are able to operationalize the business plan this is our pace. Investors with vision and spine enough to believe in us may contact us for details that would considerably expedite bringing all of this to civilization. The opportunities are relatively few and require significant resources necessary to operationalize. However, absence of those initial resources will not stop us, it will only slow us down and eliminate our need of external assistance of any kind. We are making headway and it will only get easier. The power behind what we’ve done comes from already having placed our intellectual asset into the largest possible peer review pool possible – the human race – and it is freely accessible right here, right now. People need only register and, as we are able, they will be treated to the full description of what this accomplishment is. Subscribers wanting to understand our insights will fuel our plans and growth. Businesses licensing our intellectual asset to conduct internal systems reviews under license, engage us in consulting activities will generate derivative works never before fathomed.


Engage this page to full comprehension not general awareness. Anything less does a disservice to no one more than you. This intellectual asset is simple to the point of elegance and that is the reason it was named as it is. Simple though does not mean easy. Easy is a function of your own familial environs, and these environs are alien to most. So, be warned, your paradigms are about to shift, maybe over your own objections. Your objections are a function of the paradigms instantiating your individual belief system. The observation we have made which allowed progress to be made was recognition of what we now call Langer Epistemology Errors. Can SolREI back all of this up? Yes, and for those who chose to register we do exactly that. And we furthermore empower others to leverage what we have done for the benefit of not just their enterprise but all of their customers, stakeholders, and shareholders. Do not take our word for any of this. Engage the material yourself, you need only register and review it directly. If you have questions or need more information you are certainly free to contact us but we respectfully remind you that all of this is new and we are not finished getting the last fifteen years integrated into the website. Please be patient with us. There is a great deal of work to do and we need all the help we can get. What we need most are advertisers, and investors who believe in us. However, we know because of how we conducted our systems review (e.g. we did not do this in a vacuum and yes we tested it with net new science). Our systems review did nothing but strengthen Elegant Reasonism and that continues to this day. Elegant Reasonism is not wrong. The only question is whether or not you have the vision and chutzpah necessary to embrace Elegant Reasonism.





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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: