January 3, 2020

Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism

SolREI, Inc, a South Florida based research company now holds worldwide patent pending 16405134 status on the utility process, technology framework, and epistemology required in order to perceive and engage the unified Universe. To say that this patent unifies a discipline of science does not do it or the accomplishment justice. Please allow us to show you how we did what many thought impossible.


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What Does it Mean to Science?

What this means is that over time, as awareness of what has been accomplished and how will ultimately revolutionize science and philosophy by seeking truth in a unified Universe. With the truths uncovered, the insights developed through Elegant Reasonism are foundational and highly systemic. Elegant Reasonism is not status quo thinking. While elegantly simple, what is challenging about understanding it is all of the preconceived ideas each of us has been taught all our lives. One simply does not walk into a room, wave a wand, and declare “All of your paradigms about existence have now been updated! See with clarity!” No one expects that, least of all our small company. We have been quietly working on all of this for the last fifteen years. We do not expect quick adoption. We are prepared for the long haul.

We cannot solve problems using the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

What this means to science is that there is a new epistemology being added to the mix, and this one is aligned with the unified Universe. Empiricism is necessary but insufficient to carry forward exactly because it is intrinsically tied to the manifestations of human physiology. Elegant Reasonism, as an epistemology, is tied to the unified Universe of which we are a part, and therein lay the distinction between them. What it tells us is what must be, whether or not we happen to like what it is saying. The website behind this press release is under heavy development. Even in this evolving state it powerfully delivers information about Elegant Reasonism, what it is, and how to wield it yourself. There is no charge or fee to simply learn about what Elegant Reasonism is. All you need to do when you register is select Learner, confirm your email address by clicking confirm in the note automatically sent by the system, and poof you’re immediately granted access to information. Use the links in this post or others to learn your way around the system and see what we are doing to help everyone engage.

Scientists and professional engineers will likely not be pleased immediately because the rigor and discipline standards just went through the roof. Here’s the thing about that though. Elegant Reasonism, like many activities in life, once learned is never forgotten. Insights developed are immediately available for everyone else to build upon and integrate into their thinking. One does not need any advanced degrees or training (necessarily) in order to wield, but what is required is the perseverance and passion for details underpinning what it is you thought you knew and why. Because we are about to mode shift all of that out from under your feet, people who are open minded, adaptable, flexible, and to some degree visionary will immediately see what we have done and embrace it. If you are vested in status quo thinking and concrete in your certainty, then this is going to be a struggle for you exactly because your own paradigms are your own worst enemy. Only you can change your own paradigms. All we can do is illuminate the path forward.

What Does it Mean to Philosophy?

Everyone should immediately recognize that pretty much everything we do as humans has a philosophical basis including science. Elegant Reasonism was developed with a predicate priority on constructs which align with and find truth from the actual real unified Universe, which always held litmus is unified. Make no mistake about it, the Universe is unified whether or not we want to think of it that way or not. Art students should celebrate! If you are an art student, then you will be pleased to know that the key unlocking all of this was intended to be about Art Appreciation. That author eloquently articulated exactly what the problem has historically been regarding how to view reality, and everyone but a handful of people read it and skipped right on by without a moment’s hesitation.

Churchill on Truth
Winston Churchill on truth

Science, some forget, is a philosophy which imposes, of course, rigor and discipline. The scientific method also imposes something else upon us all, and it is a hard, often cold and merciless requirement to recognize mistakes. This one was epic, and one we all probably had to make in order to reconcile its aftermath. Humanity’s historical arrogance is to believe that we are special and somehow better than everything around us. Our ‘specialness’ does not come from distinction but from being an intrinsic part of what is and rising to the precipice of sentience so that we may look upon the realm of existence and see with penetrating clarity. The only populist metaphor I can think of quickly is that of Neo in the movie trilogy ‘The Matrix’ gaining the insights and skills necessary to ‘see the Matrix’.

Philosophers should take this triumph humbly, because there is the other side of this coin, and that other side comes with a price. That price is intrinsic to Elegant Reasonism‘s defining requirement to seek truth from the unified Universe. The price comes in the form of if your previously held belief system was not based in that truth, you are now incongruent with what is, what must be, and that is not an easy pill to swallow. No, indeed it is likely the most humbling detail about all of this. Elegant Reasonism forces you to wrestle your own paradigms to accept or reject truth from the unified Universe.  At the end of the day, whether or not you do accept that truth does not change the Universe’s position. It simply relegates you as incongruent and moves on. And make no mistake, that train will leave the station whether or not you are on it. Elegant Reasonism produced The Emergence Model. Recursively iterating that model back through the same IP asset (e.g. across Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis) manifests the capability to describe ‘our’ Universe Bang to Bang. Ponder that for a few minutes and contemplate the vast and unbounded implications of being able to accomplish such a feat. You will likely be aghast at the implications.

Does This Mean We’re Starting Over from Scratch?

No. Elegant Reasonism as a framework is set up using standard Knowledge Management principles to mode shift what it is we think we already know over and into the unified realm. One of the very first things we need to do is tear down Knowledge Barriers that are inhibitors to entry into this realm. What this means is that we can leverage what it is we think we already know and gain new insights from the ensuing investigations. We can better understand why what we think we know is true, and that’s incredibly important. The only real way to understand this is from your own personal experience. Register with us today as a Learner, confirm the email our system will automatically send you, and then review everything there. As you engage that material, you will absolutely start to understand what the inhibitors have been, why we are where we are, and what needs doing. Insights may start coming at you faster than you might otherwise be prepared for. It is to be expected. We were gobsmacked.

Elegant Reasonism Benchmark

SolREI Publishing released a few materials over the last several years, all of which are now obsolete, misleading, and should be destroyed as such. What people should know is what patent pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism represents is the methodology, process, technology, and epistemology which produced that material. That material is not what we filed the application on. The application was for the means to perceive, develop, and produce that material. That’s what we patented, and that is what we are freely educating registered users of our system on. Elegant Reasonism approaches the unified Universe from the point of view of ‘encapsulated interpretive models’ of the Universe, one of which must close to unification. Because of that latter requirement, and because we used Elegant Reasonism to develop what amounts to the prototype model, we included that prototype with the application as filed. Not for our benefit, but so you would not have to repeat what we did over the last fifteen years. The Emergence Model then has two views consistent with Systems Engineering requirements. The logical view is enumerated as M5, and its physical view is M6. All the physicists out there need to slam on their breaks right now. I know from experience that you are emotionally tied to that word ‘physical’. Scientists and professional engineers all over the world erroneously believe (because we are all human with the same physiological senses) that we have been working with ‘the real world’. That belief is erroneous for all the reasons Elegant Reasonism now honors the author by naming the near fatal epistemological error after her. Langer Epistemology Errors, or LEEs, manifest when we erroneously believe abstractions are reality rather than a construct representing something real. Humans do not perceive directly quarks, atoms, or even necessarily molecules. Nor do we directly perceive far away galaxies, black holes, and the like. We  do not because human physiology is “at scale”. Therein lay another failure of empiricism and a distinction between it and Elegant Reasonism as an epistemology. Elegant Reasonism is scale invariant. The Emergence Model, the first model to close to unification as a predicate priority, spans all scales, and for the first time connects Quantum Mechanics with Cosmology. And while we do have an equation connecting gravitation with electromagnetism (e.g. age old quest achieved), that isn’t the end of that story but the beginning of a whole new endeavor with considerably more intrigue. It  does not yet provide the means to do what you may think, because there are still known unknowns inhibiting us all. Be clear here and on this point. Elegant Reasonism requires the use of such a model in its investigative set relative to paradigms of interest or of nature. It does not declare that M5 or M6 is the only such model that will ever be. It just so happens that they do close, and because they do, and because Elegant Reasonism requires one to be used, they were filed with the patent application.

Those entrenched in empiricism and its teachings, be it scientists or those involved in jurisprudence, should seek out a competent, certified, Systems Engineer and ask them about “logical views of physical systems”. Ask them which has greater precision of definition, the logical view or the physical view? Their answer will likely surprise you. It is not necessarily obvious in any way. The answer is the logical view has greater precision because its inputs and outputs are precisely defined, and there is almost always more than one way to accomplish something. When we look critically at The Emergence Model, we are immediately struck with its derivation basis. The construct of a Most Basic Particle (MBP) will strike entrenched status quo thinkers as non-sequitur. However, processes of the model are derived from its intrinsic nature, which took many years to divine from the chaos. That intrinsic nature finds MBPs following a build process, limited by a failure mode, that leads to constructs with high affinity for Knot Theory. The point here is that the permutations of these configurations staggers the most vivid imagination. There are easily thousands maybe considerably more configurations which may all essentially manifest the same physical property exactly because of this salient Systems Engineering point. Therefore, no one at the moment should get overly eager to jump on The Emergence Model‘s physical view M6 just yet. There is a great deal more work to do, and M5 being the logical counterpart is easier to work with exactly because its constructs are more easily defined. Easy being a relative term.

As a benchmark model, The Emergence Model serves its purpose providing predicated priority on unified thinking relative to the real unified Universe, which is held self-evident and litmus – always. We used what is now called Elegant Reasonism as a means to develop The Emergence Model. There is nothing saying that anyone else anywhere on Earth could not use Elegant Reasonism to develop some other model, maybe M9 or M14, that is a better model than what we did. We hope someone else can use Elegant Reasonism to develop derivative works. Investigations employing a plurality of models, all of which close to unification, would be a powerful tool to explore the Universe and our place in it.

What Does it Mean to Business Enterprise?

The SolREI company is going to educate civilization on what we have accomplished for free. All anyone need do is immediately register as a Learner, respond to the system’s confirmation email note, and they will gain immediate access to the mechanics of Elegant Reasonism. Users who register with us are granted access to these materials under the Elegant Reasonism General User License (ERGUL). Those registered users interested in our insights,so that they may build upon them from a purely academic precipice, will likely want to subscribe to our insights. Those who wish to capitalize on our accomplishment and leverage it in any revenue generating activity will need to secure an Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License (ERCUL) and setup a royalty account with us.

The Hard Place

The status quo entrenched thinking on Earth is ensnared deeply within the Langer Epistemology Error manifestation of a logic trap that is M1. M2 and M3 represent the same, but there are fewer in those demographics on a planetary scale and many who simply do not understand the distinctions between them. Those distinctions are moot at the moment. The point is we know where you are and why you hold those beliefs. We understand they provide a bedrock foundation for the business planning and strategies employed by your enterprise regardless of its size. Elegant Reasonism will mode shift what it is you think you know right out from under you to illuminate truth as a function of the unified Universe. Any shift in business behavior away from M1, M2, or M3, and towards business behavior based on any derivative model more compliant with the realm of the c’s, such as The Emergence Model, is a derivative insight based on Elegant Reasonism. We hold the worldwide patent, and a commercial license is required. Under any and all such circumstances, businesses will need to secure an ERCUL from SolREI, Inc.

It does not matter whether the business is building tangible products in an engineering sense, performing R&D employing theoretical sciences, providing legal services to the marketplace, or if the company is big or small. Elegant Reasonism provides a framework to derive truth as a function of the actual real unified Universe, which is always held distinct and litmus. Never do we claim that what we are describing is the actual real Universe. To do so constitutes a Langer Epistemology Error. What we do claim is  Elegant Reasonism provides patent pending 16405134 intellectual property representing a significant asset to civilization for the purposes of engaging the unified Universe. Our patent covers all derivative works, so it doesn’t matter if someone uses it to build a better mouse trap. We hope they do because civilization will receive the value we instantiated through our IP asset. SolREI has no wish to be onerous, nor burdensome, but we are going to protect the value we instantiate to civilization through all appropriate laws and international treaties. Please contact us immediately about shifting your business strategy as a function of the unified Universe. We are happy to help, but we will move to protect our asset to the fullest extent appropriate law allows. We can set you up with an account on our systems if you want to pursue all this yourself, or we can establish a consulting arrangement to facilitate any level of assistance you may require.

The Very Hard Place

Charles C McGowen, SolREI’s Chairman & CEO, sent a note to the President of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2019 informing the SEC of our accomplishment and our patent filing. We understood what this meant to business enterprise. We know what it means for market volatility. Our promise is that our company has no desire to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. We strongly affirm that natural forces in a free market economy should drive activity and determine value. While we know what our IP asset means to civilization, civilization has yet to perceive what we have accomplished. Our systems reviews, interviews, and tests over the last fifteen years deliver Elegant Reasonism as the path forward. We know that value is here, and we have struggled to ensure and assure that civilization may capitalize on it and to do so in a free market realm. Therefore, our systems are immediately available for anyone anywhere on Earth to register as a Learner to immediately gain access upon confirmation of their registration to this IP asset under ERGUL. Those enterprises with vision and courage will immediately recognize the situation and contact us to secure their commercial license. To those who don’t want to believe we have done what we claim, all we can say is that at the end of the day we hold the patent. All behavior will self characterize an enterprises intrinsic nature. That  behavior will be clearly evidenced by your shareholders and the free market. We remain here to help in any way we can.

What Does it Mean to the Global Economy?

What it immediately means is that status quo entrenched thinking has been immediately put on notice that any business planning, strategic or otherwise, runs the risk of having their efforts mode shifted out from under their feet by competitors. Enterprise should immediately move to secure an ERCUL for their organization and establish other accounts as necessary and appropriate. Marketplace volatility will be a function of competitive application of Elegant Reasonism for the businesses and the markets and customers they serve. Enterprises in denial will fall prey to competitors and shareholder ire. They may deny Elegant Reasonism at their own peril. Every Enterprise on Earth may immediately assess the validity of our claims by simply having their employees register with us and inspect the materials we are placing on line. Our systems are in heavy development, and we have meager resources. There is no way we can meet global demand, if only because there are seven billion of you and only a handful of us. We recognize that situation, and we are seeking investment banking services to immediately ramp up our operational capacity to meet the need. Properly resourced, SolREI represents a globally significant venture materially contributing to the health and welfare of civilization. Anyone interested in discussing investment opportunities should contact us. There are only 28 investment slots left open, and they require significant resources to secure in order to satisfy the requirements of meeting global needs. We have all of that detailed in our business plan and can share with accredited investment banking officials under the appropriate circumstances. Our situational awareness is keenly aware that we are implementing an infrastructure capable of slowly growing organically to gain operational capability. We would like to proceed faster, but we have no great desire to ‘run fast’. We’ve been at this for fifteen years already. We are comfortable with our pace. We’ll get there, because we know the value we instantiate. The only question investors have to answer is whether or not they want to work to provide value to our efforts. We are happy to have those discussions.

What Does This Mean to Governments?

Essentially what it means is that the value is a derivation of Human Action performed in context. That context is what is paramount. Effort to instantiate values as a function of a quantified and codified Constitutional Republic has merit in terms of assuring liberty and the principles of freedom to sovereign individuals who are citizens. Other types of institutions are going to find their systems mode shifted out from under them by their own progeny. The unified Universe cares little about power. The unified Universe holds all life precious, and it should be protected at all costs and against all enemies both foreign and domestic. We all share this same biosphere. One of the things that was completely unexpected out of all of this was that in  Elegant Reasonism developing The Emergence Model,  we would reconcile the Drake Equation and the Fermi Paradox for the first time. Life is very likely predominant everywhere in the Universe, but we are each insulated and isolated by the immense distances and intervening material. That intervening material serves to inhibit any effective travel between systems. Could it be done? Maybe, but at great cost, and then one must ask why bother? What it really means is that the growing list of systems identified by the Kepler probe as potential Dyson Sphere’s may indeed have a basis and motivation that Elegant Reasonism illuminates with great relative ease. What this means is that capitalistic endeavors whose value is not aligned with strategic sustainability are on thin ice.  It  means that humanity needs to refocus our efforts to endurance here in the Sol system and as a predicate priority. Just as unification must be a predicate priority in any model development and for essentially the same reasons.

Summarizing What Elegant Reasonism Means to You

Obviously value determination is in the eye of the beholder in all free systems. However, situational awareness determines value as a function of  the unified Universe’s truth, and the Universe will hold all others incongruous whether or not we like it. The actual real unified Universe is real. It is the realm in which we and everything we perceive exists. Without exception, Elegant Reasonism is not going away. It is a simple framework and an idea that we believe would have been realized inevitably. We just happened to stub our proverbial toe in the dust, and in the process of realization we did not hurry off. We pursued the truth realizing what it would mean to civilization to finally be able to wield clarity.

Elegant Reasonism is here. It is not going anywhere. Doubters and deniers are now on notice that the quest for unification is over. The framework to improve upon is here and in the same vehicle. You may explore and learn at your leisure, and as you do, you will discover as we did resilience and ineffable wonderment now called Elegant Reasonism.

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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: