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Baldrige Award Declaration

SOLREI INC is undergoing the initial assessments on participation within the National Performance Excellance Program offered by NIST with the goal and objective of securing a Baldrige Award. Such a decision requires a public declaration of intent and this press release serves as that notice.  There are many reasons for this effort beyond perhaps the obvious. The Baldrige self-assessment is a powerful tool and we encourage startups to exploit it. Do so carefully as it asks questions that should likely be answered internally rather than exposing your answers to external competition. Our answers are available to serious investment concerns. Such parties contacting us can be quickly authorized for access to our Baldrige self-assessment and a great deal more information. For example, we have suggested to the National Science Foundation that an R&D computing platform is needed that is likely, at least, an order of magnitude more capable than Summit, (located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and that system cost $200 million to build at the time. Such a platform is only one small facet. The implications here are staggering, but so are the up side benefits.

Elegant Reasonism represents an epicenter around which we can all rally as civilization learns how to embrace this strategic capability. As we all work toward development of standards tools like the Baldrige Performance Excellance Program will become incessantly more important. Other programs like Six Sigma, ISO 9001 QMS, and others will significantly aid not only pursuit but communications across global enterprise and our economy. Beyond these issues it is important for those not familiar with Elegant Reasonism to recognize the validity of the process, its framework and the epistemology they support. Just as important, practicing experts must recognize that those newly encountering all of this will very likely transition through industry standard stages of grief as they deal and otherwise cope with the many associated paradigm shifts. Consequently we very strongly encourage those wielding Elegant Reasonism to do so transformationally. It has been suggested that SOLREI INC wait until final appplication approval by the USPTO, but it is our studied opinion that the global economy needs this right now.

We are working now to develop a landing page for our effort and declaration within our network presence. Nascent though it may be our landing page is here:

There are several dimensions to this effort (in no particular order):

  • Standards development for wielding Elegant Reasonism
  • Relationships to existing NIST standards
  • Enterprise business process reengineering efforts and associated programs
  • Enhancing existing Systems Engineering principles, practices, processes, and the profession itself
  • Updating, in real-time, our understanding of Information Sciences
  • Facilitating improvements in communications, engagements, materials, experiments, engineering
  • Integrity assurance across all peer groups at all levels
  • Trust between average individuals and expert peer groups
  • Open Source communications, materials, software, hardware, & services spanning global enterprise and economy
  • Assuring effective systems reviews going forward
Elegant Reasonism is not going away. What we have accomplished so far, epic though it may be and while necessary, is wholy insufficient in order to engage the entire national/global economy. We must have standards, structure, processes, and the ability to scale efforts in an effective manner. Ironically Elegant Reasonism naturally (e.g. intrinsically) scales not only from small efforts to global enterprise but across the entire entanglement gradient. We believe the best way to accomplish these goals is the National Performance Excellance Program we have here in the United States as administered by NIST.
  • Elegant Reasonism is real and it did accomplish unification. The implications are nothing short of epic.
  • Unification demands the credible manifestation of everything real. Imbedded and implied by that statement is also the requirement to recognize what is logical. The implications between these two insights is jaw-dropping and insightful. There are many aspects which will simply gob-smack many.
  • This is not the end, it is but the beginning of a long journey yet to come
While we have limited resources please do not hesitate to contact us on how we can do better with what we have at our disposal.



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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: