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When everything is status quo the above title might be a boring lead in to a standardized dry business discussion. What happens though if common assumptions enabling standardized perceptions of context change? What if the fundamental foundational constructs manifesting your perception of everything you consider real were to suddenly change? How would you then accomplish the above requirements? That is exactly the situation brought about by the introduction of Elegant Reasonism. Please allow me to explain.

The framework and epistemology which holistically are Elegant Reasonism took status quo thinking and encapsulated it into an interpretive model we call M1. After an extensive systems review we concluded that M1 has philosophically mired science into an epic logic trap exactly because its foundational core constructs preclude accomplishing unification. How can that possibly be given the massive (no pun intended) volume of successes M1 has enjoyed since early last century? Two factors account for its success. One is that M1 is logically correct. The other is that people working with it use that logical correctness as justification for their having committed Langer Epistemology Errors, or LEEs for short. LEEs occur when one mistakes abstractions for actual reality. It is a near fatal flaw in epistemology. Because M1 is logically correct and those people ensnared within its trap erroneously believe they are working directly with nature, and they are not.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity – Sun Tzu

Therein lay the strategic problem and opportunity represented by this situation. Elsewhere herein we dismantle M1 and put it back together again, and we juxtapose it with a fully compliant encapsulated interpretive model (M5) which does close to unification. Interesting as that may be to scientist philosophers what is important here is the salient point that M5 perceives what M1 can never fathom and that is where business opportunity lay. Elegant Reasonism derives truth as a function of the unified Universe. That means if your epistemology can not find truth in that fashion then it is incongruous with the actual real unified Universe and it does not matter what anyone else might say. This is a brutally hard cold fact.

SolREI is Patent Pending 16405134 on the framework supporting the epistemology which enables and empowers perception of and engagement with the unified Universe. The question that should be burning in every business leaders mind is what can we see that you do not? What are we preparing to do that you are not even aware of? What we would prefer to do is train everyone through the two courses now under development and license our IP asset for commercial development.

Taking then the video Richard Feynman made circa 1950 we can present to you the crux of the both the challenge and the opportunity.



Because both M1 and M5 are simultaneously logically correct (e.g. similarly to the theories A & B which Feynman discusses in the above video) we must then ask how can we possibly know which is better? Because these two models manifest fundamentally different contexts, as per Feynman’s video above, it is not possible to describe one from the point of view of the other. Paradigms of interest or of nature must be mode shifted so that the patterns of relationships manifesting them are maintained. The Elegant Reasonism framework supporting its epistemology accomplishes that shift in the mode of thinking. It can be repeated, but it requires skill to wield exactly because it requires all participants to comprehend the fundamentals in order for communications to take place effectively.

Reality Check

The actual real Universe is unified, whether or not your thinking about it is or is not. The Universe does not care what you think. Einstein once said that if you can not explain something simply enough then you do not understand it well enough. The simple explanation for the current situation has been laid out above. Accomplishing unification is a bigger tapestry than any single discipline of science, and we hold the patent. Contact us if you would like more information.

So if you have two simultaneously logically correct theories Elegant Reasonism provides the mechanisms and tools to answer the question Feynman said was unanswerable by science as it was known to him at that time in 1950. We now have a way to quantify and codify factors of investigations such that they are aligned with the unified Universe and associate real sigma values to the resulting Treatise. The single simplest test is asking if the basis for any given interpretation closes to unification, because if the answer is ‘no’ then it must be held skeptically. There is a larger issue though and it has to do with turmoil associated with adoption of Elegant Reasonism.

The reality of the current situation is that most simply do not yet know or understand what it is we have done, much less the implications of having done it. What that means however, is that anyone who does understand it, and can wield this framework and its epistemology effectively, are poised to disintermediate any belligerent in the economy. Taking no action is not a good strategy and here’s why. First any knowledgeable actor can mode shift your IP right out from under you. Secondly the information necessary to contemplate all of this is available here for free, to anyone. If you want to sign up for our insights and courses you can learn it all faster and more effectively. The population of competitors into your business may multiply faster than you can deal with. Lastly the only defense against someone wielding all this is you wielding it first and better than them. That is the only defense.

SolREI’s Role

Company leadership is positioning the company in as neutral a manner as is possible. Obviously we understand and can wield the IP asset we developed. That places us in a precarious position worldwide. We have the full capability to take strategic patents based on M1, mode shift them into M5, and refile the patent citing our patent pending 16405134 asset in the process. We can cite the benefits which the original author could not possibly fathom exactly because they can neither perceive nor engage the unified Universe – and we do. However, we prefer to simply license our asset to such authors and assignors rather than mode shifting their patents out from under their feet. We would rather show them how to improve their IP management to take advantage of our framework and epistemology to create value if for no other reason than to cultivate greater good will with the global economic community. While we see this as a more noble position to take, we make no guarantees on how others will wield all of this and therein lay the reality check for everyone.

Why Indeed

What changes because you have better clarity on why something is true? One aspect is that your subsequent decisions are better able to engage reality. Better perception enables and empowers better engagement. There is competitive advantage in being able to perceive and engage better than your competition. Knowing what your competition is capable of is powerful knowledge because it allows your organization to anticipate their actions. If your competition is mired within a logic trap incapable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe then you know the limits of their thinking. You understand what they can not see.

SolREI is a strategic business consulting company and we can enable your company to perceive and engage the unified Universe, and to understand its truth. We can show you how to leverage our insights and build on them. Our mission is to enable your enterprise to increase its ability to derive and deliver value. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you.






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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: