Vantablack 01Vantablack 01


The two objects in the above image are identical with the exception that the one on the left is covered in a substance known as Vantablack. It is the blackest substance known to science. The point here is that one must change one’s approach in order to engage something traditional methods can not perceive. The unified Universe for instance can not be perceived using traditional methods of science. The reason why that is true is stems from falling prey to LEEs Empiricism Trap. Here is another view of the same two objects, but this time the perspective changes and you can discern detail only because of scenary behind the object, not directly from the object itself.

Face to Face with Vantablack
Face to Face with Vantablack


Analogous Point

The analogous point being made here is that traditional status quo thinking not only does not close to unification, it never will exactly because its core constructs preclude recognition of the detail necessary in order to gain that perspective. Want Proof? Ok, traditional constructs of physics are energy, space, time, and mass, with the middle two constructs combined in order to create something of a dimensional construct called spacetime. Herein we recognize that model as the EIM M1. Most folks are familiar with them and the rules underwhich they operate, at least superficially. There is a fairly famous equation needing no introduction here that establishes the relationship between them. The problem in all of this are the assumptions being made not just by the reader right here, right now, but most through history. That story was sorted out for us by Dr. Lev B Okun from Moscow, University where he was a particle physicist. Much of the ensuing confusion sorted out then presents us something anew which we must consider due to information sciences motivations. That is where to draw the line between spacetime and mass. We need to know that because according to M1, mass warps spacetime; therefore we need to know where one begins and the other ends. Between the two constructs we have the interface being sought after. What is interesting about that famous formula is that absolutely nothing real can transition that interface without first conversion to energy. That transition prevents and precludes the use of a common real geometric basis point for all real objects in the same reference frame. That’s a big problem relative to and respective of unification. This article’s title is linked to Insight-00003 which discusses many facets of consideration.

Insight-00003 Is About The Process & Its Results

Elegant Reasonism is the utility process which produced The Emergence Model.  Anyone fully cognizant of that utility process and the questions demanded by the unified Universe to be asked can duplicate our results. This website is dedicated to helping everyone to understand how to ask those questions and accomplish the same results.  At the end of the day we are all on Spaceship Earth and part of the unified Universe. That simple fact is why we chase strategic sustainability. We contend that no other epistemology can accomplish that of Elegant Reasonism and for that reason it represents the path forward for civilization.

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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: