SolREI Field Team 01: The Talladega Report


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During the conduct of our original systems review, there came a point when we needed to conduct field investigations to confirm expectations predicted by theoretical modeling. We explained the situation to our founders and were provided funding to secure what rudimentary equipment we might need. The equipment was secured, a location was established, necessary permissions obtained, and off we went. Now, rhetorically what would you do if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a national forest, miles from civilization, and you happened to have (by shear accident and coincidence) a Geiger counter which reported that you were being bombarded by 6.5 rads of hard gamma radiation per hour in a place which should have no radiation of any type? Not alpha radiation nor beta radiation, but gamma radiation. The most lethal kind. Turns out that is exactly the situation SolREI Field Team 01 found itself. The question then became explaining why and how that all came to be and we had to do that for a variety of reasons. Crucially we had to determine long range affect to our team and some of those answers will only come with time. Most of us were old farts at the time. Once this discovery was made my son who was in his 20’s at the time was never allowed back. We made specific recommendation to the U.S. Forest Service that their field personnel wear dosimeters. Their range safety group rightly points out the area has long had a problem with radon. The problem is radon is a decay product of uranium or thorium. If you have a radon problem means either uranium and/or thorium elements are in your soil. The question then is how did that get there.

We had to explain to our stakeholders the implications of what we found, which necessarily included those instrument readings. That explanation and the accompanying files to us constitute: The Talladega Report. Once you engage this material you will hardly believe your eyes where this chance occurence led and the implications it holds to this very day in current geopolitical environment. This story is addictive and riveting. There is something of whirlwind around the two years 1944 and 1945. A whirlwind whose implications resonate around the world to this very moment.

The Manhattan Project

Everyone thinks they know the story behind one of the most secret of projects in human history: the project which created the atomic weapons. There have been an array of books, articles, and movies on the subject. Only a few discuss the mistakes made along the way. Those go out of their way to depict those accidents in highly compartmentalized circumstances and usually relatively constrained to only a very few individuals. Individuals who are heroes in anyone’s book.

How credible is the story we have been told about history? Imagine yourself back in World War II. The Manhattan Project is in full swing and under the watchful eye of POTUS. Would you send an untested weapon into combat? Wait you say. We did test the nuclear bomb at the Trinity test site in New Mexico. Yes, that is true, but did you realize that test was for the second bomb not the first? The powers that be write history in a way not to point that out quite clearly. They would have you believe that building the first nuclear reactors met with no major disasters. That the drama surrounding all those participants was low key and everyone was on the same page: win the war at all costs.

Why would anyone want to investigate history as we were all taught? Well, holding a Geiger counter in your hand reading 6.5 rads per hour has a way of changing your perspective on things.

Read now: The Talladega Report and see history through a potentially different lens.


The original purpose of the original systems review driving our investigations centered on the dynamics of Events yielding Perimeters. We believe those field trips accomplished their objectives and this report is ancillary to those objectives, but does depict some of those original findings and illustrates a few of the samples gathered at that time. In the end what we proved more than anything is that there is a great deal more work yet to be done both in the field and in the R& D behind it.




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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2439-1707