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The Tapestry

There are many facets to the tapestry that is the subject of unification and having accomplished it when we did. Unification was accomplished at a time when the majority of people had no awareness of Langer Epistemology Errors, or LEEs, much less their implications. If you broached the subject with any pretty much uninitiated person anywhere, they would cock their heads and look at you as if you were from Mars or at least needed severe assistance. Possibly maybe even should go to school somewhere and learn how things really work. Almost instantly when the subject of unification comes up the subject is instantly relegated to theoretical astrophysics and folks eyes glaze over. They usually profess ignorance and claim that they are not qualified to discuss such topics. Our response is almost universally: hogwash, you are. Einstein is quoted saying that if you can not explain something simply enough, you do not understand it well enough.

The tapestry of unification is a simplex one. In hindsight, the first step is recognition of the historical genesis of science’s philosophical roots as the philosophy of nature. Laboratories and sophisticated experiments evolved over time. At issue here is ‘when’ LEEs are committed. If they are committed at a point in time past entering into scientific discovery, it is difficult to discern whether one is working within a logically correct realm or that of actual reality. If the facets of any given investigation can not be immediately shown to close to unification, then significant skepticism should be evoked, and one should question what it is you think you know.

What is needed is a hardened requirement to nail down critical detail. For example, can you link all real objects in a given reference frame to the same geometric basis point? Probably not, and likely you really do not understand why that is true. Reconciling that requires a great deal of hard thinking. Some call that critical thinking, but it must also be situationally aware. Accomplishing unification is simple to the point of elegance, hence the name of the process utility attaining it, but that is not the issue. The succinct issue and challenge is that fundamental foundational “context” changes. In Elegant Reasonism context must be mode shifted. The simple truth is that your preconceived ideas must be addressed, and the only one that can do that is you, not us. The reason for this truth is simply because predominant thinking is mired inside the logic trap that is M1 (or M2) which is made manifest by commission of LEEs from which the only escape is Elegant Reasonism.

What we are doing to bring this tapestry to you comes from a number of fronts. SolREI Studios has created a number of background playlists where in addition to traditional subjects we have created a specific playlist containing our videos on the subject of Unification.

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It is our intention to update this playlist as more videos are released. Below are broad categories of discussion, but the level two titles are hyperlinked back into the website and cover those domains of discourse. All of which is backed up with documentation from our User Library, which is also available for free to registered users of this system. This system is content restricted and requires users to register, and our User Policy prevents and precludes us from ever selling any of your information. So there is no reason for you not to register now, if you have not already.

Original Systems Review

All of this started with a project that on passing a threshold of questions was determined to warrant a comprehensive systems review into what it was we thought we all knew, because what we knew at that time was not answering the questions being asked. Some answers were being rationalized away. Obfuscation ruled the order of the day when pressing “experts”.

Along with the Framework and the epistemology it supports, there are other tools used during our original systems review. One such tool is one we call “Concept Sieves“. These are essentially preselected paradigms of interest which are then subjected to the Framework and mode shifted for investigative purposes. These are concepts discussed in the Intro PDF charts.

Questing Unification

The instant someone mentions the word “field” in any discussion concerning unification one should instantly think ‘M1’, because that is the mindset behind that path of discussion. Such a discussion inevitably does not recognize the implications of LEEs, much less believe themselves capable of commission of such a mistake (and all of us have at one point or another). Since we have discussed much of this quest on other internal pages, we are not going to repeat that here. Login to the website and click the title above to begin a review of that material.

The large take away here, especially if you are mired in predominant thinking, is that you are more than likely ensnared within a logic trap of epic proportions. The single most important question you can ask yourself is does how I am thinking accomplish unification, and if that answer is no, then you have some introspective reflection to do. The good news is that we can help with that.

Our job here is to help you not take the same almost 16 years it took us to recognize all of these various issues. Elegant Reasonism is here to stay. As awareness increases, more and more people who comprehend the issues will become available for increased discussion and exploration. Our general licensing structure is specifically designed to maximize learning and that costs nothing. So engage, learn and help teach others! We will see you out there! We look forward to seeing how you have applied Elegant Reasonism!






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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2439-1707