Thought Experiments

Thought Experiments

Thought Experiments

Thought Experiments were something first popularized to this author’s knowledge by Albert Einstein. They are a way of thinking about an experiment without actually conducting it for a number of reasons. One might be economics, and another might be the physical capability to conduct it due to scale or other issues imposed by reality. The key factor which must always be remembered is that these types of contemplations are virtual. That is to say they are logical in their nature. We must exact extreme caution not to commit Langer Epistemology Errors in conducting them and we must adhere to the Elegant Reasonism Generalized Process Flow.

This Area Under Extensive Development

Please bear with us as we work to integrate the content of books we have removed from the marketplace and integrate that content here and update it with material developed through our systems review and other efforts. There is almost 20 years worth of effort that has gone into the insights presented here. It may take us some time and these pages are likely to change for the foreseeable future.

Document Construction Herein

Considering the essential problem, challenges, alternatives, choices, rationales, and sets of associated next steps, our conclusion was (right, wrong, or indifferent) was to create these documents holistically in context of the denoted EIM.

Vital Context

Ultimately this discussion must be had from a precipice capable of perceiving the unified Universe. If you are not on that precipice, please note that this discussion must be mode shifted consistent with Elegant Reasonism, its rules, processes & methods, be consistent with the realm of c’s, all wholly in keeping with Elegant Reasonism as an epistemology supported by its analytical framework which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. The reason for this citation can be distilled into a single word: Context. If you are not critically situationally aware in your thinking of how fundamental context changes as a function of the EIM employed and the pattern shifts requiring different modes of thought you will be a considerable disadvantage.


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Thought Experiment Taxonomy

The taxonomy of thought experiments begins with the body of work Elegant Reasonism represents. Thought experiments may be applied as integral components of particular EIM or they may be holistically applied as a part of the different phases of investigation: Recognition, Illumination, or Analysis, or even in the final Treatise. This website is structured to support such contemplation. Do not forget the User Library is at your disposal and any given folder or file therein may be linked. Documents built on such links can be shared with any other registered users knowing that those links will resolve back into this website. That places all Concepts, Propositions, Thought Experiments, Presentations, White Papers, etc relative to and respective of Elegant Reasonism and The Emergence Model (including posts like the original Press Release)  at your disposal for integration.

EIM Enumeration and Iteration

The basic EIM enumeration is linked below to one of the seven recognized encapsulated interpretive models. Specific detailed iterations of any of these EIMs should be documented by investigators in a tool like our ISO 9001 Unification Tool which is a relational database for all the reasons that tool was created. There is no requirement to use our tool. You may use any tool with equivalent relational linkage capability. We elected to provide our tool empty exactly because we believe that an international committee should be convened to determine the baseline set of enumerations and iterations any such tool should contain. We did not want to be presumptuous and declare what is or is not correct for any given enumeration or iteration. To us that would have been the height of arrogance and we did not want to take that stance.  Consequently, much to the disappointment of many, our tool is provided empty.  We are happy to assist / participate to the extent we are able in such a committee. We believe the results of such a group would be to establish new worldwide standards which would then support organizations like NIST and ISO worldwide.

Thought Experiment Index

Below is a simple list of Thought Experiments incrementally numerated and the model(s) to which they apply or are based.

0040Thought ExperimentMn0050Thought ExperimentMn0060Thought ExperimentMn

Enumeration Thought Experiment EIM
0001 Critical Situally Aware Thinking Mn
0002 Two Stationary Particles In a Frame Mn
0003 Two Particles in a Frame with i momentum collide Mn
0004 Something vs Nothing M5
0005 The Geometric Basis of “Space” Mn
0006 The Relative View of General & Special Relativity: Logical vs Physical Mn
0007 Tension Mn
0008 A Most Basic Particle (MBP) Mn
0009 The Special Case of a State Zero (0) MBP in a LF2 Mn
0010 Incompressible Limits of the Most Basic Particle (MBP) Mn
0011 Topological Entanglement of Strings Mn
0012 Hawking Radiation & The Big Bang Mn
0013 The Black Hole Information Paradox Mn
0014 Quantum Fluctuations in Finite Regions of Space Mn
0015 Universal Expansion: Popping The Balloon Mn
0016 The Particle Horizon from the Precipice of the Deep Field Mn
0017 Thought Experiment Mn
0018 Is Gravity the same everywhere on Earth? Mn
0019 Event Frame Thermodynamics Mn
0020 Two Particles Passing with no interaction Mn
0021 Single Photon In A Local Frame Mn
0022 Thought Experiment Mn
0023 Maxwell’s Demon Mn
0024 Thought Experiment Mn
0025 Thought Experiment Mn
0026 Hubble Ultra Deep Field Images Mn
0027 A Blended View of Matter Mn
0028 The Cage Mn
0029 Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thrusters (QVPT Drives) Mn
0030 Implications of Synchrotron Radiation Mn
0031 Fully Coupling the Photon Mn
0032 Compressibility Mn
0033 Single Particle in a Frame M5
0034 Severance Implications Mn
0035 Hubble Reconcilliation Mn
0036 Deconstructing Limits of Velocity Mn
0037 Lorentz Length Contraction in Context of dy Interlock Mn
0038 Spectroscopy in Cosmology Mn
0039 Cherenkov Radiation Mn
0040 Clues to Investigate the Mass of Chemical Bonds Mn
0041 The Emergence Model EPR Two Particle Experiment Mn
0042 Quantum Mechanics Weirdness In Context Mn
0043 Thought Experiment Mn
0044 Knot Theory Particles Mn
0045 Quantum Engineering & Knot Invariants Mn
0046 Multidisciplinary Requirements Mn
0047 Thought Experiment Mn
0048 Thought Experiment Mn
0049 Aitken Basin Event Mn
0050 Einstein’s 1905 Gedanken Thought Experiment Mn
0051 Einstein’s 1906 Photon Emission through a hollow tube notion Mn
0052 Rest Energy & Tension in the Most Basic Particle (MBP) Mn
0053 States of Matter, It’s Mass, Severance, Enthalpy and Structure Mn
0054 Einstein’s BEC Non-Interacting Model Mn
0055 Inverting Our Thinking About The Fundamental Forces Mn
0056 Gravity in The Emergence Model Mn
0057 Reflection, Refraction, and Severance Mn
0058 Electromagnetism in Space Mn
0059 Dimension 4 Proton Decay Mn
0060 dy Penetration and Interlock Mn
0061 Thought Experiment Mn
0062 The Moon Mn
0063 Propulsion Systems Capable of Interstellar Flight Mn
0064 Penetrating Status Quo Mn
0065 The Luminiferous Aether Mn
0066 Instantiating Gravity Mn
0067 Pallasite Formation Probability Dust Cloud vs Supernova Mn
0068 Two Interacting Architectures Embedded In A Local Frame Mn
0069 Why Are Newton’s Laws True? Mn
0070 The Swamp’s Morass, Bog, & Mire Mn



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