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SolREI Publishing has several blocks of ISBNs reserved for use through publishing distribution channels. Book resellers should contact Publishing at for interest in our materials. SolREI Publishing only publishes materials developed by SOLREI INC. Unsolicited materials submitted will be returned unopened at the submitter’s expense. Assignment of an ISBN number being listed here has nothing to do with availability of the material in the marketplace. Assignment simply means that ISBN has been removed from our pool of reserved numbers because it is in use by that title. Many of our titles are currently no longer in print, many due to the USPTO publishing Elegant Reasonism worldwide rendering them currently obsolete. When resources become available and those manuscripts can be appropriately updated they will be re-released to the marketplace. It is common for our publishing house to assign two numbers to each work. One number is assigned to hardcopy printed materials and the other to eBooks/PDF materials for electronic distribution. The material content is the same, only the delivery vehicle changes.

Notice of Obsolescence

NOTICE: Pre-release copies of manuscripts listed here may have been submitted to reviewers prior to intended general availability release. Reviewers were never authorized to sell, release, or transfer early release copies. Such copies are 1) obsolete, 2) misleading to the public, 3) unauthorized to be in the marketplace, and 4) should be destroyed. Used copies of any of these manuscripts listed here should be viewed skeptically and are very likely blackmarket copies which should be immediately destroyed. The original reviewer assumes all responsibility and associated risk. SolREI Publishing assumes no responsibility or liability for unauthorized information in the marketplace.

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ISBN-13                 ISBN-10       Delivery          Title

978-0977229208  0977229203   Hardcopy    One Pilgrim’s Wish for Earth

978-0977229222                         Hardcopy    On The Nature of Space

978-0977229239  0977229238   Hardcopy    Elegance of Reason: Discerning Patterns of Earth’s Emergence

978-0977229246                         eBook         One Pilgrim’s Wish for Earth

978-0977229260 0977229262   Hardcopy   Majestic Feint: The Secret

978-1946009067  1946009067   Hardcopy  Elegance of Reason: Translating Models – General Approaches

978-1946009043  1946009040   Hardcopy  Elegance of Reason: The Emergence Model: M5-The Logical View

978-1946009746                         Hardcopy   The Talladega Report

978-1946009920  194600992X  Hardcopy   On The Nature of Space UPDATED 2017

978-1946009975  1946009970   Hardcopy   Elegance of Reason: Cognition of the Universe’s Realm




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