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Voyager Spacecraft
Voyager Spacecraft

Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft and their data systems (e.g. instrumentality), perhaps, just maybe – offer an opportunity for new science that will prove once and for all time that our utility process, technology framework and the epistemology they support are the path forward for civilization on Earth. Clicking the Voyager link here will take you to our User Library where we have as many of the technical manuals on those space craft as we could find online. You will need to register if you have not done so already to use that library. It’s free and no we don’t sell your info, we have better things to do. To be clear, we are not at all certain about this exactly because what we would be trying to do is parse simultaneous truths relative to the unified Universe. Status quo thinkers modeling reality will have something of bitter pill to swally with those words because their thinking circa 2023 does not, nor will it ever, close to unification. The wood behind that particular arrow is elsewhere on this website. Most of those guys, firmly ensnared within LEEs Empiricism Trap, are on the bus to the multiverse due to their commission of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) specifically due to logic artifacts they can rationalize in no other way. Usually those people think spacetime is real rather than the logical construct it is. They also may stomp their feet and cry when they find out Schrodinger’s cat died. The reason this is going to be quintessentially difficult is that in order to accomplish the goal of parsing what current science deems simultaneous truths is that it forces one back up into philosophical realms in order to recast their experiment, procedures, and results. Empiricism, as a philosophy, generally does not allow for that. Elegant Reasonism is considered a superset epistemology because it will allow investigators to integrate epistemological results from any other epistemology, including Empricism, but it weights them all relative to and respective of their ability to manifest everything real in context of the unified Universe (something none but Elegant Reasonism can do by the way).

NOTE: There are a set of pages on this website that remain incomplete from our original systems review due to lack of resources to get that material online. Sorry, but we only have two hands. Despite the lorem ipsum text on those pages the titles have been URL linked to the specific page in the original systems review notes and so you can read at least some of what we were thinking when all that transpired. Those notes were put into print in 2012 so they are a decade old now. Consequently take them as obsolete but feel free to update them yourself if you like. Concept 359 below was only briefly touched.

While we are certain there are more concepts applicable to this topic those are the ones that came most readily to our mind writing this article, and again, apologies for the incompletness on display. I wish I had more arms, legs, and brains behind all this. We are working on that, but right now this is what we have.


These are circumstances and new data coming in from the Voyager spacecraft where they currently reside. These represent current situations suggesting further investigation. We offer them here in case anyone wants to mode shift them to see if they can reconcile all the issues.

Heilopause Location

One of the mysteries JPL is working is the location of the heliopause was not where they thought it should be.

Magnetic Field Orientation Changes

JPL thought that when the two craft passed where they thought the heliopause should be that the magnetic field orientation would shift to the larger envelope, perhaps of the galaxy, or at least nearby stars.

If this is your first encounter with this website we strongly suggest you pause to gain full cognizance of the utility process and technological framework supporting the epistemology that seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe and which produced the following language. The point being that insights absent the process that generated them are out of context and you will not understand until you figure out how to change contexts, something we call mode shifting. We say that exactly because the next few words are in that context and not the normal status quo context erroneously modeling reality in a manner that will never close to unification. The insight we would offer potential candidate investigators re: The Emergence Model is that everything real is some configuration of Most Basic Particles (MBPs) due to their intrinsic nature derive The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance. That intrinsic nature, deriving those processes, also because of those factors is here generally construed to follow Knot Theory. If you are one of those looking for a designer look no further than that. This is the reason everything follows the plan it does. Please bear with us this preamble is necessary to get to the point. Knot Theory is what allows for the manifestation of dynamic complex composite architectures of mass which have different entanglement saturation and density levels associated with the spectrum of possible configurations across the entire entanglement gradient. Those permutations and configurations are what manifest all the different physical properties (e.g. EMCS02) we measure in physics. They also explain among other things dark matter. They also eliminate dark energy from the tapestry all together, as there is only one kind of energy and it works with MBPs and permutations of their configurations. Here though we are interested in the magnetic component of the electromagnetic fields. Science so far has compartmentalized dark matter, regular matter, etc.They have all those different buckets. There is only one bucket and the only thing it has in it are MBPs. The only thing different between matter types is that configuration of architectural configurations. Period. Now having said that I also said that those configurations were dynamic complex composite architectures; which means they can have constituent constructs within them (e.g. lower ordered constructs). The point is to consider “hybrid” particles (e.g. architectures). Constructs are not all configured one way. They can have, likely do have, blended configurations with some particular components acting as if they were dark matter and other components that have detectable, measurable, aspects. Just because you can’t measure the dark aspects of a given configuration does not mean it is not there. For example, explain why and how electromagnetic waves have the electric component and magnetic component 90 degrees from one another. Our answer is because there is a dark matter component to that mediating that result. Also do not presume there is only one configuration manifesting the same physical property because there is almost always more than one way to do darned near everything.

Potential Experiments

The challenge then would be to program each spacecraft to perform some test using the available instrumentation to illuminate to illustration unique contextual features of each of the eight recognized (or selected subset, minimally inclusive of one that closes, presumably M5) Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs). Ponder for a minute Richard Feynman’s points between Theory A and Theory B in this 1950’s lecture relative to the discipline of science and we will continue the thought on the other side of the video.


The very first thing everyone should recognize is that Elegant Reasonism is in fact science based. The catch is that it requires unification to be a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science, not after you get there because by then its too late. Consequently Elegant Reasonism integrates philosophy perhaps more readily than does traditional science, the caveat being it is realtive to and respective of the unified Universe. That is a distinction that matters immensely. During our original systems review we realized relative to existing methods for contemplating reality had committed Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). When we were forced to realize the logical nature of status quo thinking modeling reality due to the inescapable fact that nothing real can transition the spacetime-mass interface without conversion to energy we then recognized a net new Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) was required and a quest to develop The Emergence Model followed, ultimately culminating in the cogent description of M5.


How nature instantiates gravity is at this point unknown. What we can say about that is M1 and M2 instantiate gravity as a function of mass warping spacetime, but neither of those EIMs close to unification. M5 and M6 instantiate gravity as a function of configurations of MBPs forming complex composite configurations of architectures of mass in this particular case called Graviton. Gravitons are there considered a very low ordered construct which means they are likely part of every higher ordered construct. In the language of Elegant Reasonism the term Gravity would be the Paradigm Of Interest/Nature (POI/N) and the very specific manner it was made manifest a function of each of the various EIMs employed in a given investigation. Having done this in a very simplex fashion years and years ago at this point I can report that one of the early aspects arising will be the spacetime-mass interface resulting from M1 and M2 (or any other EIM employing those core constructs). This will very likely sound like heracy to many, especially newbies entrenched in lately traditional science fiction, but spacetime is a logical construct and it is not real. And oh by the way Schrodinger’s Cat died. We can say that because nothing real can transition the spacetime-mass interface without first conversion to energy and that is governed by an equation needing no introduction here. That it is not real does not mean it is not useful in a logical sense. Consider in Feynman’s talk above his Theory A and B, where the only thing differentiating the two is whether or not it closes to unification or not. Then which theory would you chose? There are a very large number of ramifications to all of this. Way too many to get into here. A few we must exist are the differences in how gravity is made manifest, because it matters. Under M1 and M2, neither of those EIMs can explain things like galactic acceleration away from each other to some point of distance and then we would expect that acceleration to stop under The Emergence Model because the graviton chain is not infinite. Ironically that is exactly what the JWST just reported, to the complete surprise of colloquial science. It made perfect sense to us, but then we are on the precipice capable of perceiving the unified Universe and we are anxious for everyone to join us. Why? Because we can characterize the unified Universe Bang to Bang, in the process fully characterize why galactic acceleration happens and how.

Here’s why that matters here. The Voyager spacecraft each manifest gravity due to their architectural mass. What that means is that their Gravitons will function every bit the same as the Gravitons anywhere else. The direct implication is that those Gravitons at some distance from the spacecraft will invert their polarity and assist the acceleration of the spacecraft away from our system and all the gravitational sources they have encountered. Also that that assist will cease at some distance from our system. It might be possible for a comprehensive data review at JPL to detect these very subtle acceleration changes. Detection of which would prove not only our Bang to Bang characterization but everything else we’ve been telling everyone for years. Finding that insight would also provide the impetus for the National Science Foundation to heed our request to build a computing platform designed from the ground up in context of Elegant Reasonism and minimally an order of magnitude more powerful than Summit.


Einstein - Hubble meeting
Einstein looking through Hubble’s instrument

Taking the speed of light as a Paradigm Of Interest/Nature (POI/N) and mode shifting it across the various EIMs also results in some interesting insights. One is that the term ‘c’ mode shifts to mean Severance, which produces the same velocity for a photon emitted from an electron, but why its true is different. Which makes perfect sense if you go back and re-read all the equations where that term shows up. Take Rapidity (e.g. EMCS01: Concept 0168) for example; which then is redefined to mean velocity over Severance, and we take special note that rapidity is infinite and perfectly consistent with Edwin P Hubble‘s body of work. Neither Einstein nor Hubble were even aware of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) much less their implications or ramifications. Quite a few concepts get mode shifted in all of this. The speed of light as reported by all interferometer experiments become local phenomena and the cosmological spectrographic experiments are consistent with Hubble’s findings (e.g. Hubble is vindicated). The inflationary theory gets dismantled is yet another issue and z-factor definition shifts into context of Hubble’s data and not the logical construct of spacetime.

Part of the point, perhaps hope, is that if the spacecraft Graviton pole shift can be detected in the acceleration data of the spacecraft then an analysis of the telecommunications data from the antenna may also be reanalyized to see if it also confirms all this as well.

Pondering Voyager’s Last Stand for Science

All of that brings us to what could possibly have produced the results that the Voyager spacecraft are experiencing, is one purpose of this article. Another purpose of this article is to ask everyone, everywhere, to put on their thinking caps to see if there is some experiment which we can program into the Voyager spacecraft to discern distinctions between the various recognized Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) which manifest interpretative context. Now, having made all these various points there are an array of new considerations to ponder. This challenge is not easy because the subtleties are so small but the ramifications are immense. Also do not think that just because The Emergence Model does close to unification that it is the only EIM that ever will close. Elegant Reasonism, the process, only requires that at least one, preferably more, EIMs employed close. If we can construct experiments that suggest The Emergence Model is insufficient and an incremental EIM is required then that’s an excellent outcome. Elegant Reasonism only gets stronger in that circumstance and we plow forward. In any event it seems like the Voyager spacecraft are in a unique position in history once again to conduct major scientific missions and we should take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity if we can.

What do you think?

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