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Mode Shifting Quantum Information Sciences & Computing

This post points you to updated pages across the website to help you understand mode shifting quantum information sciences & computing concepts. There may be no better example of the implications of Elegant Reasonism than mode shifting quantum information sciences and computing systems.  To that end we have updated our quantum computing page and declassified the information it presents. This is going to come as something of a shock to many because they did not believe we could mode shift any of this. What we present on the new landing page is simply fodder for consideration and material for those involved in this area of industry to consider in the context of an obviously needed systems review into what it is we all think we know, most especially in the information technology industry.

Quantum computing has unprecedented promise but it remains to be a proven technology. While many working in the industry were puzzled by their results they were perfectly clear to us. We understood why their noise levels were high. Once they have gained the precipice of unification they will also likely see as they look.

Click the title above to review the landing page. You will still need to register in order to engage our user library. We strongly suggest you subscribe to our newsletter and review the available material for Elegant Reasonism.  This is only the beginning and we are just getting warmed up.


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By Charles McGowen

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