Under The Emergence Model the concept of time is an action displacement index. We have grown accustomed to thinking of time as defined by the movies and traditional paradigms, but none of that closes to unification and that forces us to ask harder questions. Questions which we may not particularly like the answer to. Scientific truth is hard that way. Truth as a function of the unified Universe even harder still. Because time in this EIM is an index of action Events there is an implied Event Frame.

Action displacement also implies motion across some distance either conceived or measured. Why is the measurement of time constant under this EIM? The answer is derived from the intrinsic nature of the fundamental construct of the EIM, in this case: The Emergence Model. That derivation yields two processes the first is a build process that is limited by the second which is a failure mode of the first process. If we did not have these two processes in juxtaposition the universe would be on a one way trip to consolidation and as everyone experiences reality simply is not on that road. Under M5 The Fundamental Entanglement Process, limited by Severance configures MBPs into all configurations of architectural mass. That latter process is the answer to the question here. Severance is responsible for that constancy and it is constant because everything real is some configuration of them. There is no escaping Severance for that reason. Because Severance is a derivation of the Most Basic Particle (MBP) and everything real is some configuration of them, they will suffer Severance consistent with that architecture as a function of those intrinsic features. Our original systems review tested action across hundreds of equations reflected by the Emergence Model Concept Sieve 01 (EMCS01).

The Arrow of Time

Action is always positive. Even when undone remains absolute and positive. This is the empirical experience humanity experiences every day. Until now we simply did not understand why that the arrow of time is as we experience it. Without the arrow of time the unified Universe would be in thermal equlibrium, static, nothing would ever change. Things do change despite the constancy associated with action displacement indexes interpreted as time.

Action Potentials

Action potentials are nerve impluses traversing the Central Nervous System (CNS) and delivering signals and patterns to our brains. As an action potential (nerve impulse) travels down an axon there is a change in electric polarity across the membrane of the axon. In response to a signal from another neuron, sodium- (Na+) and potassium- (K+) gated ion channels open and close as the membrane reaches its threshold potential. Na+ channels open at the beginning of the action potential, and Na+ moves into the axon, causing depolarization. Repolarization occurs when the K+ channels open and K+ moves out of the axon, creating a change in electric polarity between the outside of the cell and the inside. The impulse travels down the axon in one direction only, to the axon terminal where it signals other neurons. In this way memories are established which document past actions we traditionally interpret as history. This is action at work within physiology.

Measuring Time

The measurement of time implies an Event Frame, but we don’t always have one of those. Sometimes we only have Local Frames and they can only measure time internal to those frames by definition. Only an Event Frame can measure and report time to investigators. Arguably confusing is that Event Frames may be nested and may nest local frames. Any critical review of the cogent description of M5 will result in recognition that any MBP, or set of them, may act as a common geometric basis point for all real objects within either Event Frames or Local Frames or both simultaneously and nested or not.

Relativistic concepts associated with the measurement of time emerge essentially as a function of distance and measurement interaction. The mechanics of which will yield the Lorentz Transformations and Einstein’s equations both of which mode shift into the Emergence Model consistent with experiment and the unified Universe. We need to remember that M1 is logically correct, but then so is M5. There are only very subtle differences that become evident mode shifting between the two EIMs for any given POI/N. We have every confidence that M5 will prevail every test.






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