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We are working through an example curricula for Elegant Reasonism and what it means to “be a teacher or instructor”. All courses, lessons, and quizzes will be available from this website. If you are interested in becoming certified as a teacher or instructor, please contact us as we are working hard to develop a network of professionals with the appropriate credentials from around the world. The company will maintain resource materials for them here including databases, forums, research materials and extensive library.

Press Release: Unification Accomplished

Despite having been notified at the time, many remain in denial and are working through industry standard stages of grief. We get it, but it is what it is. It’s here and it is not going away.

Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism

The patent as filed constitutes the methodologies, processes, technologies, and epistemology required to perceive and engage the real unified Universe. Also, included in the patent are seven baseline interpretive models of the Universe. The Emergence Model (e.g. M5 & M6) holistically unifies physics (and pretty much everything else). Comprehending all of this necessarily covers those seven baseline models, which not only positions status quo thinking but the necessary other elements of the patent to “mode shift” ‘what it is we think we know into something aligned with the unified Universe”and back again. The reason we must “mode shift” concepts between such models is that their relative and respective fundamental “context” changes model to model. Wielding such capability is not for the feint of heart and with it too comes a great deal of responsibility.


Status quo thinking ignores implications arising from the unified Universe manifesting human physiology which intrinsically integrates human senses. Scale, context, abstraction, and other factors now recognized by modern information sciences must all be methodically integrated and prepared for process oriented systems reviews. There are a number of skills needing to be brought to bear on such methodologies, including but not limited to, critical thinking and systems thinking.  

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There are a number of processes integrated into Elegant Reasonism uniquely. ISO 9000 QMS is one example because it is applied to the fabric of abstractions employed by the physical sciences in context of the baseline interpretive models of the Universe and which must necessarily take into account something defined by the patent as Langer Epistemology Errors or LEE for short. Holistically these processes come together and establish a fundamental capability uniquely available through Elegant Reasonism called “mode shifting”.


There are a number of technologies employed by Elegant Reasonism but none are more uniquely exemplary of the patent than Translation Matrices. These tools integrate logic calculus, Bayesian Statistics, and much more to create a tool capable of powerfully assisting investigators in sorting and carrying what it is we think we know into the realm of the real unified Universe. Only Elegant Reasonism can wield such powerful tools. Certification in the use of these tools means you will be in a position to teach others and engage global enterprise, if that is your desire. R&D leveraging these capabilities will be considerably more insightful than status quo thinking, which not only does not unify physics, it never will, and we know why.


The quest to accomplish unification is over. Elegant Reasonism is a framework reconciling those issues and establishes a new epistemology in the process. When we take this intellectual asset and employ it as an epistemology, whose objectives and goals are to seek truth from the unified Universe, we find powerful mechanisms which resonate with human physiology perhaps for the first time in human history. Elegant Reasonism is a self-clarifying process which almost effortlessly clears away chaotic thinking. Prior to Elegant Reasonism, traditional epistemology all had a common thread woven through them, and that thread was the limitations imposed by human physiology. That fact imposed issues of scale and other factors which were dealt with by Elegant Reasonism. Elegant Reasonism in providing the means to unify physics, connects quantum mechanics with cosmology in a scale invariant manner. Elegant Reasonism describes our Universe “Bang to Bang”, and no traditional epistemology has ever been able to accomplish that.  


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