Website Frontend

The Site

This website manages information on a user by user basis consistent with established knowledge management practices. Users who successfully register are immediately granted access to resources and materials not otherwise authorized. Learners may register for free, and once confirmation emails are acknowledged the system will immediately authorized immediate access to mechanical overviews of our IP assets. Insights beyond the basic descriptions require greater levels of access. Elegant Reasonism, patent pending 16405134 (for example) is available for academic pursuit under our general license with no associated fees (e.g. learning is free). All revenue generating activity of any kind must be registered under our commercial license.

General Areas of the Website

The website menus are dynamic and change depending on where you are within the site. So make sure you are careful to watch the menu bar because it changes and these changes will depend on your user id authorization level in addition to where you are in the system. That is to say the system will show different people different levels of detail depending on who they are. Each of the title labels below is link to that area of the website. So if you are looking for an overview page to bookmark then this would be that page.


This is the general information area of the system. User Libraries, Software repositories, and information pages about various social media accounts are all under this section of the system.


This area describes products available from SolREI.

Business Services

These are typically business to business types of services available from the company.


This area of the system provides information about the company but also provides policies, practices, and employee portals.


The account area of the system allows you to login and out of the system as well as shopping, carts, profiles etec.




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