On The Nature of Space – Updated 2017

ISBN: 978-1946009920      Hardcopy

The Elegance of Reason: On The Nature of Space explores the nature of space as imposed by the various models of the Universe and is essentially a rewrite of the original material which empowered the completion of the first book in this series. These updates and rewrites take advantage of hindsight of over a decade of development, model maturity and the creation of Translation Matrices and Translation Tables which at the time of the original manuscript did not exist.

Many of the concepts ultimately developed in The Elegance of Reason series began here or because of the original material. Model encapsulation, Translation Tables, juxtaposition of models leading to the development of The Emergence Model all began with these explorations. As those tools and techniques were employed it became obvious that space is dimensionless nothing. However, ‘space being that dimensionless nothing was recognized as an M5 insight completely ignored by M1. It became clear that so many parameters shift from model to model ultimately leading to “Mode shifting” which helps shift our thinking from one model to the next. Mode shifting from M1 to M5 may be complex but the revelation of M5 could not be simpler. The profound implications could not be more stunning. In one short paragraph it describes the unification of physics in a way that fully couples all reference frames and that journey began right here.

While the M5 definition of space as dimensionless nothing is interesting, what remains more fascinating is the simultaneity of truth between M5 and M1 and the notable exception that M5 closes to unification and M1 does not. The distinction is phenomena manifestation due to the architectural mass in the frame which distinguishes M5 making it the preferred path forward. Join us on a fascinating journey into the nature of space as seen from the vantage point of multiple models of the Universe.

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