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Life’s Circuitous Path

A number of Events have shaped life on our little corner of the unified Universe orbiting that common star we see crossing our sky each day. Small scale Events create wondrous clues to materials beyond our own planet when they streak brightly across the night sky as they incinerate under the intense interaction of our atmosphere relative to their high velocity vector. Severance ensues and the smaller objects are eviscerated in this manner. Larger objects create similar shows but may break apart on their journey down our gravity well and fragments may find their way to join countless trillions of rocks and pebbles already here from long ago. Still larger objects transform geographical landscapes or send tsunamis across vast distances to scatter and reposition everything in front of their wave. Their high waters will bunch together everything not hefty enough to withstand the onslaught or not fastened in some fashion scattering groups in pockets up against hills or in valleys. Occasionally a relatively larger Event will transpire and it will instigate a global winter with the debris it sends into the atomsphere. One such as this killed all the dinosaurs on Earth. Anything with a body mass over a certain threshold perished in the aftermath. Then there are still larger Events that transform not only the geography but the very planet itself. These types of Events can change the rotation of the Earth on its axis, and even its orbit around our star.

Dramatic and somewhat troubling as all this is, life has found a way to survive. Niches existed and creatures eked out their lives under what were surely strenuous times. That life found a way to survive long enough in order that we may be here to bear witness should provide comfort for now we may apply our intellect to assure that survival continues. So the path forward has been illuminated and clues provided. Those clues and warnings are above us almost every night in the sky with those flashes and streaks of light.  Make no mistake, we are in a shooting gallery.

Stratigraphic Chart 2022/02
Stratigraphic Chart 2022/02

Sol 03 Earth’s Formation

It is at this juncture not entirely complete but the information we have in hand is enough on which to draw some conclusions. Arguably that conclusion is potentially premature as many, including us, prefer more direct evidence. That said, planetary development on Earth is not what is taught in schools. Perimeters were the key to unlocking a plethora of issues, most vitally unification. See Sol_03-Earth-Formation for more details.

Sol 03 Earth’s Water Clue

Anthropologists have found whole civilizations, communities, and structures from antiquity, on Earth and underwater. Many by hundreds of feet of water. Then we have limestone deposits which could only be formed underwater over long periods of time but are over a thousand feet above mean sea level today. The question then is how can both of these situations be true? How can the oceans levels vary that much? If all the ice on the planet today melted it would not cover some of those limestone deposits, nor can continental uplift account for the artifacts we find below today’s surface. The only consideration left is that the volume of water is dynamic across time. The insight simplistically is that Earth loses water to space. That lost water is then replenished by cometary ices striking the Earth. Life here has threaded the eye of the needle to persist and persevere.Every Extinction Level Event is likely the result of such Events. Traditionally institutionalized thinking insists there is no evidence to this, but then neither are they aware of Perimeters.

The Sahara Desert Was Once Green

About 8,000 to 10,000 years ago a major climate shift took place. It was caused by a variation in the angle of the tilt of the Earth and the shape of its orbit. According to climate scientist Gavin Schmidt of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, around 8,000 years ago, the Earth’s orbit was slightly different from how it is today. The tilt changed from around 24.1 degrees to the present-day 23.5 degrees. Changes in the Earth’s tilt cause changes in weather patterns. Such a change is believed to have made the “Green Sahara” go dry. Rains came to a virtual stop. People were forced to leave their paradise and migrate east to the Nile Valley. The new settlements there gave rise to the Egyptian civilization and the dynasties of the pharaohs.


SOLREI INC’s original systems review dealth with impact events across the solar system, including on Earth. We have a database with tens of thousands of Events. Traditionally it is held that most remnants of such events have been eroded by time, but we developed new processes to discern, distinguish, quantify and codify those pieces of evidence. However, there remains a task ahead of us all. Chronologically ordering Perimeter is a task not yet performed. We know they happened. We just don’t know the order or when. In a few cases we know some were sequenced together forming chains or schools of sites. We know that these Events were the motivators driving continental drift. We have characterizations that reflect basement materials of all continents and account for the age of oceanic basalt being younger than the age of rocks on land. What we can report from all of that is that continents move when they are motivated to do so and not before. Motivation stereotypically comes in the form of an Event. What we can report is that almost every volcano on Earth can be attributed to Perimeters and that statement is one spanning geologic time. There are many strange geographic formations around the world and without exception Perimeter involvement can be demonstrated.



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