Risk Management

Risk in The Wake of Elegant Reasonism 

Traditional ‘risk management’ is based on M1 thinking,  and M1 thinking not only does not unify science and philosophy, it never will. It is a logic trap. Consequently the entire industry associated with Risk Management is held in the grips of the same trap, and it cannot visualize the risk it cannot perceive. Therefore it is fundamentally flawed.

Our Risk Management consulting engagement seeks to conduct a comprehensive systems review of your risk portfolio and mode shift it such that associated risks are illuminated. SolREI can accomplish this in several ways. We can work with your internal team to get them Certified through one of our programs and then use your own portfolio as examples. Insights are illuminated and then integrated back into your business processes.

Status Quo Risk

Belligerence is a competitive death knell and here’s why. Any competitor wielding Elegant Reasonism will essentially have the ability to mode shift your entire patent portfolio right out from under your feet and there is nothing you can do to stop them except refile those patents before they do. Staying ‘pat’, only extends your risk. If your company has considerable assets developed such that they are entrenched in M1 thinking mode shifting interlopers represents a significant threat to your business viability. Relative to shareholder value then stockholders need to understand this risk every bit as much as company executives and managers. Your investment dollars are at risk for exactly the same reasons. Are you going to invest in a company mired inside a logic trap or one capable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe?




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