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Value chains are an inherent element of global commerce. If your B2B value chain is dependent on others who may or may not be aware of the issues associated with Elegant Reasonism, then there is a chance that your value chains integrity is threatened. Mode shifting processes, risk, products, etc. along the comprehensive value chain and distribution channels is part of a comprehensive systems review into what it is your business thinks it knows and why. SolREI holds the patent on the ability to perceive and engage the unified Universe. If you understand what that means then you know status quo thinking can not achieve that. The only questions concern your ability to endure the impending volatility caused by competitive action empowered by Elegant Reasonism.

SolREI Consulting

SolREI Consulting stands ready to facilitate integration of Elegant Reasonism across your enterprise. Traditionally corporations protect their assets through the patent process. Elegant Reasonism stands poised to disintermediate that protection exactly because the fundamental premise of every patent filed worldwide is based on encapsulated models which do not close to unification. That means they are logical representations relative to reality. The salient implication here is that patents worldwide now stand exposed to being mode shifted by interlopers and refiled. Every enterprise on Earth needs to immediately move to license Elegant Reasonism and conduct an internal systems review relative to their asset portfolio. They then need to file the necessary documentation with the USPTO based on our Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism such that it is consistent with the unified Universe. 


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These systems reviews can be done internally or you may elect to have us engage your organization to assist. Either way the Enterprise will need an Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License.

Business Volatility

Business leaders should read our page on value with sense of great urgency or they may find their enterprise relegated to history’s dust. Competitive action across the global economy and marketplace will be highly volatile for the foreseeable future. There is no way to anticipate adoption and assimilation rates associated with Elegant Reasonism and what it represents. Denial is a powerful factor here and only strategic competition will beat it back into the corner.

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