The research library is now online and available to registered users!

Beginning about 2004 the company began gathering what is now a rather extensive collection of research papers from original authors and research teams. This information is now available to registered users as another benefit to registering with the company. While the material was found in the public domain, its collection here constitutes a “collection copyright”, and bulk downloads are prohibited. Individual documents are available for download. Simply check out the Info section of the web site. Under library you will see links for the User Library as well as for Software {distribution which is not yet active}. The technical issues surrounding the library and software repository have now been reconciled. The body of research materials we have placed on line are available for immediate inspection by logged in users. Users that have not registered will need to do so and have their accounts in active status in any of the supported authorized roles. This is especially important for Learners who want to be able to review original works by the original authors. Our only caution is that you could spend a lifetime reading all of that. These materials and more which we are still working to put online provided key insights that helped us be able to file the patent on Elegant Reasonism.

We are working hard to integrate this vast library holistically into the web site, courses, blogs, newsletters, and digital magazines as appropriate. We don’t mean generally, we mean specifically and as appropriate to make a point and convey comprehension of concepts being discussed. In this way we can show you what someone from history has said, not just in their own words, but in the actual original paper they wrote and in context of the point we are making relative to Elegant Reasonism. Holistically this is one of the most powerful mechanisms available, and it is only available to registered users here, and is free.

Over time we will also be using similar resources for software distribution, advertiser ad copy, and other requirements involving online storage.

Newly registered users are sent a confirmation message validating the email ID provided when you register right now. The message is sent immediately, so if you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folders to make sure it was not erroneously discarded. Also, please make sure to remove any such references from our note to you. We are working to make sure that the system meets your standards in every respect. We have a lot of work remaining, but what we have right now is powerful and getting stronger every day. For those of you who have been following our progress, we appreciate your patience and support! Elegant Reasonism is not going away. It has successfully met the challenges of every net new science investigation with flying colors! This is the path forward.

The User Library materials significantly cover biographical works as well as those spanning business, science, and philosophy. Our library is extensive and what we have put online is not all we have, but what is online is significant both historically and to current research. It is our intent to tie together our web pages, posts, blogs, and e-magazines to the foundations provided by the materials in this library. People will be able to traverse the actual original works to see how the foundations were laid and connect the dots on how we came to our conclusions and insights. This library is powerful from many points of view.

Also, please know that this library is dynamic and we continue to add to these materials as we have time and find appropriate. To that end if you see materials that may help in some way please use the contact us form to let us know and we will review as is appropriate. Generally speaking materials must be of significant historical nature supporting major assertions of one of the recognized interpretive models of the Universe. Overtime, many of these materials will need “mode shifted” articulation. However, that is in the future. Our suggestion is to review the online pages for Elegant Reasonism and the User Library to get a basic understanding of the relationships these materials have for one another.

Registered users may directly link any article or folder contained here and link it into discussions with other registered users.


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