The SolREI Company

SolREI is strategic sustainability enterprise. Achieving strategic sustainability results in resilient Human Action. Insights from having developed Elegant Reasonism, announced below, show us that these factors are intrinsic and penetrate every human endeavor. Human Action, and an epistemology aligned with the real unified Universe is now required of us all. Strategic sustainability is a function of that Human Action and is not superficially obvious environmentalism. Our insights penetrate to root causes and drive opportunity. We seek to create markets, and grow economies on unprecedented scales and in a manner that eliminates waste, pollution, and positively engages our biosphere. We are defenders of Earth’s Oceans. We support Knowledge Management causes that empower humanity. We know who defends us and the crucible firing our environment. We are ardent supporters of the free market, entrepreneurial spirits, liberty, and freedom.

To all who have said “no” we would like to say “Thank You. That ‘no’ meant we had to do it ourselves.

Immediate Release: The SolREI company as of May 7th, 2019 is Patent Pending 16405134 on our Intellectual Property entitled: "Elegant Reasonism". Elegant Reasonism is a methodology, process, technology, and epistemology needed to view and engage the unified Universe.  Enterprises and Institutions wishing a consulting engagement to better understand how this accomplishment will affect your business please immediately contact SolREI, Inc., right now!